Have a break, have a KitKat!

I always have something for Kit Kat. Yes, those crispy chocolate wafer fingers *yummm*

My love for Kit Kat was started since the first time I tried it…well, it’s sooo long ago, of course πŸ™‚

And since then, whenever there are new types of Kit Kat came out, I would never missed them πŸ˜‰

Below are the flavors available so far (got it from Wikipedia):

Standard finger bars

  • Kit Kat Original β€” (different taste & texture in different countries)
  • Kit Kat Fine Dark β€” UK, Spain & Germany variant of Kit Kat Dark Chocolate
  • Kit Kat Cacao 61% β€” Japan β€” newer version of Kit Kat Bitter with 61% cocoa content
  • Kit Kat Cherry Blossom β€” Japan – cherry blossom? how would it tastes like? o_O
  • Kit Kat Cacao 72% β€” Japan β€” dark chocolate petits with 72% cocoa content
  • Kit Kat White Creme β€” US permanent edition β€” current version of US Kit Kat White made with vegetable oil based candy coating rather than pure white chocolate
  • Kit Kat White β€” Japan
  • Kit Kat Iced Tea β€” Japan – wahh..
  • Kit Kat Caramel and Salt β€” Japan
  • Kit Kat Kinako (soybean flour) β€” Japan – omg..soybean. won’t it be salty? -_-“
  • Kit Kat Green Tea β€” Japan
  • Kit Kat Milky White β€” Germany variant of Kit Kat White Chocolate
  • Kit Kat Mint β€” UK permanent edition, US limited edition β€” mint flavoured milk chocolate coating
  • Kit Kat Mint Chocolate β€” Australia β€” mint green colour wafers – wah I so want to try this! ^^
  • Kit Kat Apple β€” Japan – sounds nice
  • Kit Kat Orange β€” UK permanent edition, US, Canada, Japan, Malaysia limited edition.
  • Kit Kat International Recipe β€” Malaysia, Singapore and selected East Asian countries β€” The chocolate were made from Ghana cocoa beans thus having the tendencies to melt down very easily when compared to Kit Kat Original.
  • Kit Kat CafΓ© Latte with Hokkaidō Milk β€” Japan
  • Kit Kat Kiwifruit β€” Japan
  • Kit Kat Strawberry β€” Japan – a must-try! Since I looveeee strawberry ^o^
  • Kit Kat Caramac β€” UK – won’t it be very sweet?
  • Kit Kat Chocolate Overload β€” Australia β€” Milk Chocolate outside, chocolate creme filling and chocolate wafers
  • Kit Kat Gold β€” Japan β€” petits with fudge like covering and dusted cocoa powder on outside – sounds nice hor…
  • Kit Kat Noisette (Hazelnut) β€” Germany – like hazelnut oso ^^
  • Kit Kat Lite β€” India β€” two finger bar with 50% less sugar
  • Kit Kat Carb Alternatives β€” US β€” low carb version with 50% less sugar carbs
  • Kit Kat Low Carb β€” UK
  • Kit Kat Cantaloupe; Japan – wow..cantaloupe. Have to try this. Lol
  • Kit Kat Cappuccino; Poland
  • Kit Kat Triple Berry; Japan – omg omg omg triple berry!!!! ^o^
  • Kit Kat Azuki (Red Bean); Japan – wahh so unique le

Large single finger Chunky bars

  • Kit Kat Chunky β€” UK, Canada, everywhere besides US & Japan
  • Kit Kat Big Kat β€” Japan & Hershey US version of Chunky
  • Kit Kat Big Kat Bitter β€” Japan
  • Kit Kat Black β€” Turkey β€” a dark chocolate chunky
  • Kit Kat Big Break β€” UK β€” extra large Chunky bar
  • Kit Kat Chunky M.A.X. (Maximum Appetite Xcitement) β€” Canada β€” another extra large Chunky bar
  • Kit Kat Chunky White β€” limited or permanent edition in many different countries
  • Kit Kat Cookie Dough β€” Australia
  • Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut Cream β€” Germany
  • Kit Kat Honeycomb β€” Australia – must be super sweet, I guess…
  • Kit Kat Caramel β€” US version of Kit Kat Chunky Caramel
  • Kit Kat Chunky Caramel β€” Canada, Australia and UK
  • Kit Kat Editions Golden Caramel β€” UK β€” same as Chunky Caramel
  • Kit Kat Editions Caramel Dream β€” Germany β€” another Chunky Caramel
  • Kit Kat Peanut butter β€” UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, β€” Chunky with peanut butter filling – Peanut butter!!! πŸ˜€
  • Kit Kat Editions Tiramisu β€” UK – ooohhhhh…
  • Kit Kat Extra Crispy β€” US β€” Chunky with a six layer wafer
  • Kit Kat Strawberry; Australia and raises funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Other Kit Kat forms and shapes

  • Kit Kat Choc’n’Go β€” France β€” box of individually wrapped fingers
  • Kit Kat Choc’n’Go Dark Choco β€” France limited edition β€” dark chocolate coating with caramelised cocoa pieces
  • Kit Kat Family Block β€” Australia β€” twelve finger family size bar
  • Kit Kat Family Block Chocolate Overload β€” Australia
  • Kit Kat I-Stick β€” Japan limited edition β€” Creamy bitter chocolate between wafers and dark chocolate coating β€” two stick format sold in cooler or freezer section of stores
  • Kit Kat Stick β€” Japan β€” box of individually wrapped long Kit Kat fingers
  • Kit Kat Stick Almond β€” Japan
  • Kit Kat Stick Half Bitter β€” Japan
  • Kit Kat Tablet β€” France β€” same as Kit Kat Family Block
  • Kit Kat Ball β€” France β€” bag of round bite-size pieces
  • Kit Kat Bites β€” US, Malaysia &, β€” similar to Kit Kat ball
  • Kit Kat Little β€” Japan β€” newer version of Kit Kat Baby
  • Kit Kat Pop Choc β€” UK, Germany, Poland β€” also identical to Kit Kat Ball
  • Kit Kat Kubes β€” UK β€” square-shaped miniature pieces
  • Kit Kat Chunky β€” The Netherlands β€” Bigger size Kit Kat Chunky
  • Kit Kat Senses; UK hazelnut praline centred
  • Kit Kat Chunky Duo; UK; A little larger than a Kit Kat Chunky Kingsize, and split into two separate bars.

But as a Kit Kat lover, I haven’t got the chance to taste ALL of their flavors available. Cause it’s kinda hard to find all of them in either Indonesia, Malaysia, or China. Singapore…ermm…I guess it’s more or less the same, no?

Hopefully I got the chance to go around the world to try all of them someday =D

So far, I’ve only tried these flavors:

1. The original (like, should I say more? lol)
2. Orange (I love it!)
3. Green tea
4. Cherry (ermm..more like my dad finished most of it. lol)
5. Lemon cheesecake (heaven!)
6. Cappuccino
7. Dark chocolate

About the shapes, so far I’ve tried:
1. The standard finger
2. The original 4-finger
3. The ball
4. The chunky bar

So little only T_T

Anyway, did you know that:

  • KitKat continues to be the UK’s best selling confectionery brand and, in 2004, sales amounted to more than Β£170 million.
  • The 1997 Guinness Book of Records states that 13.2 billion fingers were sold worldwide in 1995 and that every second, 418 KitKat fingers are consumed worldwide.
  • Every five minutes enough KitKats are manufactured to outstack the Eiffel Tower, while a year’s production would stretch around the London Underground more than 350 times.
  • Launched in 1935 as Chocolate Crisp, KitKat was supposedly named after the KitKat Club, an 18th century Whig literary club. As the building had very low ceilings, it could accommodate only paintings which were wide but not too high. In the art world, such paintings became known as β€œkitkats”. It is therefore conceivable that the KitKat derived its name from paintings, which had to be snapped off to fit into low ceilinged rooms.
  • A three-finger KitKat is produced for the Middle East to match a denomination of the local currency, making the product a convenient, one-coin purchase. Meanwhile, an extra-long single-finger, called a KitKat Stick, is available in Japan.
  • Big kicking former England rugby star Rob Andrew is crazy about KitKats. He had a stock flown out to him and his team mates in South Africa to keep them going during the World Cup in 1995.
  • In Malaysia, KitKat is produced in a special formula for warm climates. – Izzit? I’ve never knew about it. How about Indo, Singapore, Thailand, and other countries with warm climates?
  • The quantity of KitKat made at NestlΓ© Rowntree’s York factory has almost doubled in the last 20 years. Atleast 25 basic pack formats for KitKat are made at York.
  • Other smaller KitKat factories are located in Toronto (Canada), Hamburg (Germany), Ponda (India), Chembng (Malaysia), Tianjin (China), Kasumigaura (Japan), Campbellfield (Australia), East London (South Africa) and Hershey (USA).

Some pictures of the yummy choco wafer fingers…[Only the first two were taken by me. The rest were courtesy of KitKat’s website and some people’s blogs. For photographers, sorry, not that I meant to plagiarize your work or what, it’s just that these are the best I could find πŸ™‚ ]

KitKat Orange (It’s sooo hard for me to find this! I first tried it in Indo like..erm..6/7 years back. That time it only came in one type of packaging. 10 pieces of these with a cassette of compilation of love songs from famous western movies. I still have it tho. lol :p . So when I finally found it again last December 2007 in Hongkong, I was sooo excited :D)

KitKat Cookies & Milk, Cherry, and Green tea!!

The original
KitKat Lemon Cheesecake!!!

The chunk bars!

KitKat Apple
KitKat Azuki (Red Bean)

KitKat Cherry Blossom (ok, I found out that the chocolate is actually cherry-flavored white choco)

Bretagne KitKat (A collaboration with gourmet Japanese confectionery chef Takagi [no idea who is he], made with Bretagne [some area in France] milk and Ecuadorian cocoa butter – sounds nice, no?)
KitKat Cantaloupe
KitKat Cappuccino

KitKat Chocolatier Wine (Looks delish la)
Maccha Milk (Green Tea & Milk)..wooo look at those greeny fingers!
Various flavors of KitKat

Noisette (French for Hazelnut) KitKat

KitKat Fruit Parfait! (Wah, looks nice!!)

It’s obvious that Japan contributes most of the KitKat’s unique, and sometimes weird, flavors. The Japs are really creative! Lol.

Soo…anyone going to Japan? lol

*Off to supermarket to get some Kit Kats…*

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