Home sweet home =D

I am home!! 😀 😀 😀

After a long haul flight, I’ve finally reached my home sweet home in Jakarta ^^

Luckily, there was no delay, and we were allowed to have excess baggages (our baggages were all overweight, anyway. LOL). 11 of us and all of us brought loads of stuffs back home. Just some who brought not that many.

From BJ-GZ we used China Southern. The plane isn’t really nice, but it’s ok la.

Otw from Guang Zhou – Jakarta, when we were supposed to have landed, we didn’t. So a friend and I were like “why this plane isn’t landed until now?”.

After awhile, we had an announcement from the captain that there was a problem with the motor, but now it’s solved. We was like o_O OMG, a problem with the MOTOR? It can’t be taken that simply right? Luckily there was nothing bad happened. Phewwwww….Sooo relieve.

BUTTTT…still, I’ve missed my flight to KL!!!! Dammit!!
Need to look for a new tix, but just now I’ve tried to search online, and all of the major airlines’ are expensive T______________T

Pray I can get a cheaper tix tmrw…

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