SIngapore oh Singapore…I miss KL…

I’ve left KL yesterday afternoon and headed to the land of lion.

So now I’m stranded in Singapore. Lol.
Not really stranded lar. I’ll be here for approx 5-6/7 days.

So how the hell am I here in the land of lion? Well, to spend my holiday, and to look for a scoop of diamonds (if you get what I mean. lol)

But honestly, I’d prefer KL to Singapore although I’ve been here for lots of times before. Maybe cos I’ve spent 3 years in Malaysia before, so I kinda like it there.

What I like about Singapore?
1. The safety
2. The cleanliness
3. The way they arrange everything neatly in order
4. The convenient public transport.

Can’t think of any. lol

Ohhhh I miss KL >.<

Anyway, gotta go. Gonna meet Hui2 and Doris Jie2 in Orchard to have lunch together 🙂

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