Today is the day everyone has been waiting for…


What day is today?

Beijing Olympic?

Yeah you got it right!

But it’s not just that!

What else?

My birthday?

Nahh..it’s still half-a-year to go.


The 10th Anniversary of my friendship with Nana!!!!!

And no, we are not lesbians.


From 1998 to 2008 and counting, we are still best friends although we are separated in two different continents and 23 hours of time difference.

(Btw, you may think “how can they actually remember the day they started the friendship?” . Actually we just decided about this like..urm…4/5 months back? LOL i don’t remember it clearly tho, but we eventually chose 8th of August as the date because this year it will be 08.08.08 and it’s the 10th year of our friendship. Lol)

I love you sista!!! 😀

2 thoughts on “08.08.08

  1. So, I finally decided to blog about it, it's fun anyway! LOL! U should read sis! I've a surprise for u at the end! BUT must read from the top kay!! DON'T CHEAT!HEHEHE…<3

  2. LUPH U too sista!! for those out there who think it’s weird to have frenship anniv..oh well..too BAD u don’t have one!!WAKAKAK…Damn!I’m hella bitchy today!hahaa..BUT YEAH…10 YEARS!!WOOOOO…I’m too lazy to update my blog so I’ll just write a long comment here lha…Yes, we just decided recently..but I think it’s close to the real “day” of our friendship..since it was after we graduated from elementry school which I believe july, no!?LOL!PLUS! I love number 8 and 888 consider lucky no?!?wakakaka…why in the world we r so chinese la?!?LOL!OK2 I’m done!!YAY! 10 years! many years still to come, hopefully next time we can celebrate it sis..WHEN we r in the same continent that is..haha..OKIE DOK..Luph ya sis!! n for u jealous people just F-OFF *again w/ the bitchiness..hahaha*

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