Learning baking

Ok la, I’m not absolutely doing nothing at the moment. I’ve joined a baking course actually, in San Merio. The place is still in my living area though.

It’s not an intensive course. Just choose which day I want to come, and pay per day.
So far I’ve chosen ermm…I think around 7 days. Most of them are cakes because actually I wanted to take a real baking course. I mean the one that only deal with making cakes and decorating them, but I’ve called and asked some cooking school but they don’t have the program for cake-making only.

So I’ve just went there for 2 days. One thing I don’t really like is: we don’t get the chance to try to cook by ourselves on the spot. I thought we can practice also in the class ma. But my mum said that’s how a cooking school is la. Oh well, I guess I need to practice them myself at home then.

These are 2 recipes that I’ve studied for the 2 days:

Day 1:
Express cookie with no baking needed.

Ok la, maybe cookies is not a suitable term cos they were just made from chocolate, some were mixed with peanut butter, then fill them with chocolate ganache or rice krispies, put the choco dough into the moulder or shaped them by using a spoon, put them into the fridge for awhile, and Tadaaaa! You got the express cookies.

I was like…Okayyyyy so THESE what you meant by express cookies with no baking needed -_-“

I bet even my 5 year old niece can do it well too.

Forget it.

Day 2:

Guess what are those? 😀

What? shit? no la you stupid!

Although I admit the color is ….ermm….never mind!

Guess it already?

Onde-onde? Noo..

It’s ….


This is the assistant spreading the eggwash on the top of the half-baked moon cakes…And no, the woman behind her is not the cooking teacher. She is just one of the students like me. Lol

And these are the finished products after baking them for another 15 minutes 😀

Making moon cake is very ma fan. Need to make the special sugar 1 month in advance before making the moon cakes. Then when making the filling, the dough need to be left for 4 hours or more (overnight also can). But the baking is so fast. 15 minutes for the first baking, then take them out, spread the tops with eggwash, then put them into baking for another 10-15 minutes.

Anyway, this is the place where I study baking…

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