I am outstation at the moment, in Semarang precisely. Central Java.
I reached here yesterday night after a long journey on the road. Normally it would take us around 7 hours to reach Semarang from Jakarta, but yesterday, the roads we used were soooo jammed! One time, it was even like…go, stop, go, stop, go, stop…like that! And some of the roads were very bumpy I jumped high on my seat (almost hit the car ceiling, k?!). My butt is getting flatter now. Lol

I came here with my Dad, an uncle, and 2 aunties of mine. We are here for our relative’s wedding which we are going to attend in 2.5 hours (we skipped the wedding ceremony in the church cos it’s like another 1 hour from here – different city, so we just go for the wedding party. lol)

We are staying at this new hotel (just opened on February 2008). It’s very nice! I like it! 😀
The rooms are decorated in minimalist style, neat, the bathroom is nice, and….I just like it! Lol.

Will go back to Jakarta tomorrow. Hopefully there won’t be any jam on the road, cos if it’s so, we might have to spent another night at a city on the way back if it’s too late for us to continue the journey.


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