I always knew Indonesia Post is not that good, but I’ve never thought I’d experienced it myself like this…

My packages from Beijing have finally arrived!! 😀

The letter (to take them at the post office) came last Saturday when I was on the way to Semarang. Mum sms-ed me telling me that the packages needed to be taken ASAP.

And so the next following Tuesday, a driver from Dad’s office helped me took and sent them to my house.

Indonesia Post is just barbarian, I tell you. Look at what they’ve done to one of my boxes…

And again…

And again…

3 sides of the box was damaged badly. Even the white plastic straps used to tie them around (See the other box on the 1st pic) were gone *shakes head*. Luckily lar my stuffs are safe and sound, but for my books, well, the edges were folded, and for some small boxes, they have gone from smoothly brand new to…damaged a little here and there *shakes head again*

The other box, which has my clothes inside and I haven’t opened it until this moment, is safe, with the plastic straps still attached.

Oh well, at least they put the boxes in big plastic bags 🙂

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