Weird Chinese food names

Some Chinese food do have weird names, you know like “Buddha jumps over the wall”, …….

OK, I couldn’t think of anything else other than that -_-“

I googled just now and found an article on weird Chinese food names, like “Bean curd made by a pockmarked woman” and “chicken without sexual life”

Like wth right? Lol

But the dish itself is nowhere weird like the name.

“Bean curd made by a pockmarked woman” is actually a combination of ground pork, tofu, and Sichuan chilies, whereas “chicken without sexual life” refers to a young bird weighing between 12 and 20 ounces. (

And not just names, actually. Some of their dishes are actually kinda scary to be eaten. Like the monkey brain…


Ok, speaking of weird Chinese food names….

….could someone tell me what in the world is “Ayang Goreng Mentega?”

5 thoughts on “Weird Chinese food names

  1. AIYOOO!SO EASY ma?! Must be the chef/owner or watever..grown their own chickens…So Ayam saYANG= AYANG lho!! what so hard about it lha!!wkaakakakk… *ok either I’m going completely creative or completely JAYUS!WAKAKAKAA* U DECIDE!LOL!

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