A comic of AMEL!

Lol yes yes I am Amel ma 😀

Hahahaha..no la no la. Later the author will sue me if I claim that it’s about me :p

I wanted to blog about this a loooong time ago, but I’ve always forgotten :p

So anyway, there’s this comic book titled “AMEL – Kalo Amel Ketemu Cinta” (AMEL – When Amel Meets Love)

In Indonesian of course ^^

The story is about twins named Amelinda and Amelita. So which one is called Amel?

I just realized that Amel kinda looked like me now…I mean the hair.

Amelinda. And Amelita was called “Ita”. Lol

And the story goes with Amel found her boyfriend at a mall. Ok, before that, although they are twins, Amel and Ita are different. Ita is a more laid-back, smart, kinda quiet, and diligent girl, while Amel is…well, on the contrary.

Amel’s boyfriend was the Ah Beng type.Seriously looked like one. Lol.

Their relationship wasn’t going smooth as they faced a lot of turbulences.

At the end, they broke up and every one’s happy again. But the story isn’t just about their relationship, there were also Ita’s relationship, stories of them with their friends and about the relationship between Amel and Ita (they didn’t get along too well sometimes. Oh well, siblings)

LOL I know I know my review sucks! But for sure you wouldn’t want me to do some story telling right? If I did, I bet you guys will straight away click the “X” button on the top right of your browser. Lol

Anyway, I like the drawings! I’ve always liked cute cartoons drawing like this. Simple yet cute.

As for the story, I’m kinda like it too. It’s light, funny, yet silly. It is so typical teenagers and fun to read 🙂

Too bad the author didn’t come out with another series of Amel. I would buy it. Lol

Ok, I want to do some bo liao things now. Comparing comical AMEL with the real AMEL (which is me, of course. lol)


We both have the same nickname (Amel, duh?!). But I didn’t find my boyfriend by curi-curi pandang then bumped into a guy at the mall and be in a relationship with him afterwards. I don’t have any sibling. I am not that naughty (although I admit I am kinda naughty sometimes :p). Oh, and the most important thing: my boyfriend is not an Ah Beng! LOL!

And yes, we did have a lot of turbulences last time, but now not anymore. Grown ups ma. Must learn how to manage a relationship without having to argue everyday 🙂

Then..what ar? Ummm…oh yea. I am not into clubbing and guys hunting like comical AMEL. Hahahaha

So is there any similarity between us?

I guess so: talkative!

Hahahahahahahahahahaha :p

Oh my, I am not that talkative, am I? :p

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