Balik kampung on Raya holiday…

I’m outstation. In Gombong right now. It’s my dad’s beloved hometown, a small city on the south of Central Java. Go find it on the map. Hehehehe šŸ™‚

I am staying at my Ah Ko’s house. The house got 2 empty rooms as her children are all out of the house already. 1 in Jakarta and 1 in Singapore. The one in Jakarta is married and have 2 children (nehhh Kennard and Ryan’s mum. lol). Whereas the 1 in Singapore is still single. Any girls looking for a soulmate? My cousin brother is looking for 1. lol. A smart and nice guy, but may be a little bit shy around girls (erm wait…does he even feels shy around girls? lollll. he’s so gonna kill me if he sees this). Looking for 25-29 y.o woman (younger than that is also acceptable. lol), nice, honest, and not a clubber type of girl. Basically nice woman la. Oh, and if possible, the quite fashionable one, so she can help him fixing his fashion style. No, it’s not that his fashion sense is THAT bad, I just think (and I guess everybody else in the family) that he should get some fixing to his oh-too-casual style. Yea, you can say he didn’t care about fashion. But actually he has changed a lo since he started to work. LOL

Ok ok I gotta stop here. I am not a match maker or something. LOL

So anyway, tomorrow I will head to Solo to visit grandma! She keeps on asking for me. Grandma, please get well… I miss my super powerful grandma šŸ˜¦

Oh btw, this is actually the first time in my 21 years (oh well, make that almost 22) of life that I am going balik kampung during Raya holiday. Like seriously, usually we always went balik kampung during Christmas holiday. We did it every year without fail when I was small for a few consecutive years. After that, it was like 2 years once or so. Mum said that this is her 2nd time with Dad to go balik kampung during Raya holiday. The first one was before I was born!! LOL

I am using Dad’s wireless modem here. And the signal here is just soooo bad I couldn’t connected to MSN at all! Wait, I was connected ONCE just now after like hundreds of trial (see?! It’s disconnected again and I couldn’t connect back -_-). Even facebook also didn’t want to let me pay a visit. Cish!

And and and and….I miss Mochi soooooo muchhhhh >.<
Dear, come to Indo and visit me here!!!!! šŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Balik kampung on Raya holiday…

  1. Wakakakakak..yes you are!LOL!How old is he anyway? 30? considering u said 29 is the oldest..LOL! Aiiiyyooo..kasian di gw deh punya sister in law kayak lo!cape ati ntar…Mwhahahaha…Or kasian di kuarga lo ya ada 2org yg gilanya sama?LOL!Owww…masi parah aja ya di indo klo lebaran..LOL!jd ingin deh..di sini ga ada libur lebaran..payah2..Hahahha…I know deep down u miss me so!!Btw, klo uda balik ol di ym ya..kayaknya ada yg gw blm bilang ke lo deh..but ini sih ga penting cuma lucu aja..LOL!

  2. LOL!! I am not mak comblang! Hahahahaand ok ok, u go become his stylist then you'll be my real sister in law. Mwahahahahaha :pYaa rada kena macet juga si kemaren. naek mobil. pesawat si ga dapet tiket. penuh semua >.<I dont miss you cos u just lied to me. MWAHAHAHAHHA…jk jk XD

  3. Hahahahaa….since when u became mak comblang?!?!That’s too funny lho!!How bout me that become his stylist? After all I’m in fashion!LOL!Stylist only lho!Although I’m a very nice woman and all!Wakaka..Btw, aje gile balik pas lebaran apa ga macet total? Pesawat or mobil nih?Oh~ my wireless card isn’t working right now!!:( so now inet at home for me!hikz..but good thing u r out also lha..LOL!Hey!how come miss mochi only and not me?!wakakakak

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