No TV! :(

My family is TV-less now. Cos we are using ASTRO, and ASTRO Malaysia has cut off the contract with PT Direct Vision Indonesia, the operator company for Astro in Indonesia (Astro Nusantara). Arrghhh means I am missing my Lipstick Jungle, Ugly Betty, Reaper, House, HBO, Star Movies, AXN, Cinemax, Discovery Travel and Living, ……… T___T

The main problem? money la of course. Although I’m not sure what is the REAL problem inside there. Internal problem. Not my business. Lol :p

Haiz..hopefully they will extend the contract le. It’s so silent downstairs there without any TV. Can’t watch DVD there also, cos daddy forgotten to connect a cable to the hi-fi system or something la. Still can watch DVDs in parents’ room tho. Lol

Now only my house-maid is able to watch TV since the TV in the kitchen is Astro-less…

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