Sunday Expo Day

Omg this week is passing by so quickly! o_O
A blink of an eye and a week passes by just like that.


Sunday last week was an expo day for me and parents and my 2 biao jies. I was supposed to go to my music school to watch the concert rehearsal as I need to listen to the songs also before I wrote the MC clue cards la. Buthen mum asked me not go and go with her and daddy to the Franchise & License Expo and Asia Philatelic Exhibition instead..

So there I went!

Franchise and License Expo 2008 at Jakarta Exhibition Center (JEC) was our first stop.

From the name we also know this is about franchising and licensing.

A lot of famous companies which services can be franchised were exhibiting here, like Circle K (a 24 hour convenient store from US, the rival of 7E in Indo last time until 7E went gulung tikar and Circle K stays till now), Happy Puppy Family Karaoke, Snapy digital printing, Panorama Tour & Travel, tutor places, mini markets such as Indomaret and Alfamart, ILP English Course, coffee shop, even a nail art company and a children’s princess costumes stores (it’s so cute I tell you! The princess costumes are just like those in fairy tale books! And they are not cheap either. It can cost up to Rp1 million or more for a full set of dress, shoes, and accessories. Kids nowadays are so pampered), automotive company, etc.

But I personally feel those were not enough. Mum feels that way too. Lol

Why did we go to this franchise & license expo?

The answer is simple: to look for a franchising opportunity. Lol. What else anyway? :p

It’s my parents who’s looking for it, of course, not me.

That’s my father’s name on the name tag, btw. All 5 of us got the same name on the name tag, so all of us were named “Sartono Rahardjo”. LOL

And so we looked around. Me and mum, my dad, and my 2 biao jies all went separate ways. Hahaha.

Funny leh! I think it’s the mascot of Lime Light Karaoke…if not mistaken lar.

Ermm.. I didn’t take photos of the expo. We walked around until I was really starving since I haven’t eaten anything in the morning >.<

So off we go for lunch!

Super yummy Padang food at Sari Bundo! šŸ˜€

After we were all full (very full, indeed), we jumped to our next destination: Asia’s 22nd International Philatelic Exhibition at JITEC.

My mum is a philatelist btw. She loveeeees stamps! šŸ™‚

I’m quite like it too šŸ˜€

It really was a heaven for philatelists! An uncle of mine went to this exhibition twice! He went back there on the 2nd day as he didn’t bring enough money to buy stamps on the first day. Yes, he is really crazy about stamps, and he is rich so there isn’t a problem for him to buy lotsa stamps. Hehehehe

I found some old postcards!! Omg I love postcards! Those with nice graphics, of course!! :D:D:D:D:D

But those old postcards were so expensive. One from the year 18xx costs Rp200,000.
I want that one la, but bo lui šŸ˜¦

Then you know what’s crazy?

Got this 1 stall selling old photographs!!

Not those kind of sceneries photographs. If that kind, it’s not surprising la. But this one was FAMILY PHOTOS!! You know, like those old old old black&white family photos, my mum and grandma’s years. Not just family, they also got some people’s portraits. Dunno where did they get them from. Lol

Mum: wah, u sell this for what? later if the current generations (of the family and people in the portraits) see these they sure buy and keep them in an album.

One of the stands there has this…

Look at the banner: “Hanya Hari Ini! Beli Obama Gratis Einstein!” [“Only For Today! Buy Obama Get Free Einstein!”]. LOL pity them leh…

Anyway, it’s a huge poster created from (if not mistaken) 2,000 stamps of famous people. Walau eh, the creator was so rajin and patient *shakes head*. It was in newspapers also.

Nek, this is for u! šŸ˜€

During the exhibition, we could get a free ‘philatelic passport’ to fill with stamps from different countries šŸ˜€

Bought the ‘starter pack’ at this one stall which consists of 49 stamps,

Then stick them in order carefully…page per page…

…after that, go to the respective country’s stands to get the rest of them to fill in your passport…

These are my favorites:

This one I like the chop šŸ˜€

Malaysia’s! The biggest stamp in the passport! Lol but very unique leh. Nice šŸ˜€
UK! Peter Rabbit!!! šŸ˜€
Japan won the award for the biggest chop! (Amelia’s award la :p)
It’s just sooooooo nice!! :D:D:D
See the difference with the normal chops? Lol.

They also exhibit some rejected stamps, only-1-set-exists-in-the-world stamps, etc.

There was also Soeharto’s stamps collection made by the Indonesia Post:

Wah, even got the vehicle owner’s book (BPKB)

And there’s this latest stamp sets from Indonesia Post about Soekarno’s (Indonesia’s very first president, in case you got D for history) visit to Cuba in 1960. They only produce limited numbers of them, so if you wanna buy it, you have to fill in the order form and put it inside the box:

And you have to wait for them to pick out and announce the winner every evening during the exhibition! 15 winners per day.

I didn’t get it. Neither did my mum šŸ˜¦

Oh ya, they also got this one-of-a-kind BMW:

The whole car was pasted with Soeharto’s stamps! No other than that! o_O

Anyways, some entertainment at the exhibition…

Super talented young singers from Elfa Secioria!! They are seriously good!!

The mascot of Indonesia Post. I didn’t know they do have a mascot until that day…(I guess it’s new. lol)

I’ll end this post with some of the purchases of the day:

Laskar Pelangi’s stamps! šŸ˜€
“Don’t step on my blue suede shoesssssssssss”

And 2 super cute sticker stamps (I guess Japs are just too lazy to paste the normal stamps so they make the stickers one instead? lol :p)

They don’t look like real stamps tho…Looks like those children play with…


On the other note: I’ve resigned from my part time job as an assistant in Kumon! I’m going to do internship in a marketing company. Stay tune!


Trick or treat?!

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