Mommy’s Birthday!!!

1st of November marks the 54th birthday of my beloved mum!! 😀

We had dinner in this old-style restaurant in Juanda area with Cintan and her parents (she’s now becoming the only child as well as her sis and bro are away in Perth and Bandung. Lol)

This restaurant has been around for soooooo long. Even mum said that (she thinks) the last time she visited this restaurant was before I was born! 22 years ago wei!

The food was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!

Each and every dish is FREAKINGLY GOOD!!!!

For starter, we had soup. Cintan and I chose the corn&crab soup while the rest chose asparagus&crab’s

The soup is quite special because when you order corn&crab soup in other restaurants, you will find that the crab meat has already been torn into small pieces, but this one….

OMG damn big I tell you! The meat is so tenderrrrr and juicyyyyyy I like!! :D:D

Moving on to main dishes…

Tahu Tausi with Salted Fish

The sauce is so nice and the salted fish is so crunchy! A right combination! 😀

Cintan and I especially looooveeeeeee this next dish:


The taste isn’t like those mayo prawn you find in other Chinese restaurants. This one is oh-my-god-sooooooo-damn-good I couldn’t stop munching on them.

Butter-Fried Pigeons!

All of us loooooooveeeeeeeeee the sauce!! super delicious! We even pour it onto rice and eat them just like that. Yes, it IS that good!

Omg I really wanna go back to the restaurant at this very time! >..<

I think this is pak choi. Forgotten. Lol

The veggie also damn nice! 😀

Gerapu fish

Also nice!

And a birthday dinner wouldn’t be complete without…

Birthday Mee~!

Yummm yummm…

Dammit! I’m really salivating now >.<


I keep on saying that but I don’t care cos they’re so nice can die!

But but but….

when the bill came out….

…Rp 1,459,150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O…M…G! I was seriously s.p.e.e.c.h.l.e.s.s …………………………


Mum : Hahahaha nevermind la. If it isn’t my birthday I also won’t eat here.

The fact is, the prices here has always been oh-so-expensive (quoting Mum).


But then again, it’s very worth it la ^o^

And then innocent me didn’t realize that my voice volume was quite high…

Me : Gileeee nasi 3 mangkok Rp 29,700! Amit-amit dahhhh! *while starring at the bill*
(Rp 29,700 for 3 bowls of rice?! Crazy ar?! o_O)

Cintan’s mum : Hus! Jangan kenceng2! *while laughing*
(Hush! Don’t la say that out loud!)

Bwahahahahahahahaha…all of us were laughing after that! Because there were 3 waiters standing behind our table. LOLLL don’t care la. Hahahahaha

After a very satisfying dinner, we went to get some dessert…


Located not far from Sanur Restaurant, this is one of my favorite ice cream shops in Jakarta. Just like Sanur, this ice cream shop has also been around for sooooo long. Since 1932. Since the Dutch was still ruling in Indonesia. It has been a favorite for a lot of Jakarta-ers until today. I myself haven’t visited this shop for quite long already. Maybe around 3 years? Hmm…

Crowded on weekends…

My favorite! Nougat flavor! with lotsa nuts :D:D

The other flavors are strong in milk taste…

Ok, so we’re done with dinner and dessert. But we still didn’t wanna go home yet. Lol. Wanted to go karaoke at first, but all of the places we called were FULLY BOOKED!!

Can la if we want to wait….but it’ll be until either 11.30, 1am, or even worse, 2 am….

Forget about KTV then! So we hopped on for a movie instead! 😀

Weeeheeeeeee~ The Other Boleyn Girl!!

It’s really good! I love the story line, and particularly I loveeeee the settings and costumes!! I am always into those classic stuffs.

And about the story….well, watch it for yourself! Although it ended tragically, but still I recommend it! 🙂

Very Berry nice!!

Nice dinner, nice dessert, and nice movie.

We watched it at 11:45 pm, and ended at 1:30 am…

Shall we go KTV after that? :p

LOL we want la, but the parents were tired already so we went home.


On the Sunday (2nd Nov), my biao jie came with her hubby and 2 little ghost of her. Lol

Ryan couldn’t resist the delicious strawberry birthday cake…

LOL omg he’s so cute laaaaa!!! :D:D

Ok la, I wanna end this post now.

Happy Birthday Mummy!! I LOVE YOU!!! 😀


Sanur Restaurant

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda III No. 31-J
Tel : (6221) 3808262, 3808263, 3843155, 3454203
Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta)

Ragusa Es Italia

Jl. Veteran 1 no. 10
Central Jakarta

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