Double Two!

It’s the 20th of November 2008.

Musicaholic was walking to the office in the morning.

Reached and found her division empty like her wallet…

Her manager and colleague were out for the company’s organized seminar in Ritz Carlton (she knew this the day before already la)

So she was left alone in the office….

Because there are only 3 people in her division.

Accompanied with her ‘darling’…

And then she found out that her lovely shoes were…

What a start for a birthday…

After 9 hours of calling companies and updating database, she finally went home happily…

She was walking carefully not to tear the shoes’ soles away…

When she was in the intersection in her housing area, suddenly she felt something wrong with her right shoe…


So she walked with a sole-less right shoe and almost-sole-less left shoe home.

And she reached home safe and sound.

As the night come, she was waiting for her mummy and daddy to come home…

She watched TV, fell asleep for a few minutes on the couch then she heard someone trying to open the door…

Daddy’s back!

Then not long after that, mummy’s back!

She presented her with an ice cream cake! 😀

Mom: I like the candles, cos it’s double 2.

Me: ……………..

After awhile the family went out for a nice birthday dinner

Ya ya I know what you are thinking. Retarded right?

They had delicious dishes…

Started with the appetizer (complimentary)

It’s char kuay! Deep fried and sugar-coated. Sweet! A bit too sweet for her liking tho.

And then the main dishes came…

And birthday must eat noodle wan, right?

Musicaholic became a sudden noodle master.

They are so delicious she couldn’t tahan anymore….

Seemed that her daddy also couldn’t tahan…

After a very filling dinner (they tapao half of the duck because their tummies were reaching the maximum capacity), they went inside a shop….and to Musicaholic’s surprise….

*That one is to be continued on the next post. Mwahahahahaha*

Then they went home and it was camwhoring time with the cake!

She was so excited with the ice cream cake…you know la, she is a bit kampung. Never eat cake wan!

But but but….

The candle melted and stained the cake…. 😦

But still, the family couldn’t resist the cake…

Oi oi look at the camera lar!

Ok that’s better. Although her daddy still looked like wanna dig into the cake straight away.

That was the end of the day. So let’s wish her a…


Ahhh…I’m getting older….

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