Blogging in printing room

I’m blogging in the printing room of my office…right after I stuffed myself with lunch.

Well, I got around 30 minutes to go until the end of my lunch break, and the pantry is just full of people, so I couldn’t sit there and watch some gossips. Lol. Using internet is a way to spend lunch hour. 
So, what should I say? This week is passing by so quickly, and in a blink of an eye *poof* it will be 24th December!!! :D:D
What’s so special about 24th December, you ask?
Christmas Eve la, duh?!
*I guess I asked such a dumb question eh? *
The correct answer is……*drum rolls*
I’m going to KL on 24th December!!! *jumping around happily!!*  :D:D:D
Finally I can see my dumb fat bf! LMAO! :p
I’ll be staying in KL from 24th-27th Dec, then on 27th evening, I’m gonna fly off to KK to join my parents and the family’s best friend. We are going to Kinabalu! Wheeee~
….But that means moreeeee photos and story to blog about…and I haven’t even write about lotsa stuffs that had happened recently -__________-
Exactly a week until 24th December…..

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