The Huge Explosion!

Sunday, 18th January 2009.
21:15 pm

I was happily chatting on MSN with Mochi until I heard my windows shaking so hard it feels like they were going to shattered into pieces, literally. I thought it was a thunder. I looked out of my window and saw the sky was as clear as diamond.

My mum suddenly rushed to my room and asked what had happened since she also feels that the reading room’s door (she was there busy with her laptop as well) was gonna came off -_-

Then daddy came out from his bedroom . He also felt that the door was like gonna came off or something. Then he told us that it was just thunder, a BIG thunder.

But then we also heard what sounded like explosion sounds. 3 times *Duarrr!!* . Mum opened the door to the balcony, looked down and there were some people outside. She looked to the left and to her horror, the sky was in a bright red color! o.O

By that time we knew that one of the Pertamina’s (The National Petroleum Company of Indonesia) oil tank in the Depo in Plumpand was exploded!

The fire was DAMN HUGE AND HIGH!! An eyewitness said on the TV news that the height could reached 100m or more!


All of us went outside and saw the flaming red dragon. Fyi, the distance between my housing complex and the Pertamina’s oil depo is around 1 – 1.5 km away! It’s freaking near la, especially my house! We could see the fire from there, although it wasn’t that clear cos there are trees blocking our views.

See this:

Yea I know, the red color is just beautiful right? But it ain’t that pretty when you know where did it come from. Lol

Ok la, so we packed our important stuffs, you know, those important papers, passports, some clothes, laptops *LOL yeah, our laptops*, etc.

Then my dad and I went to a neighbour’s house to see the fire from a better view. Their house is 3-storey, and we went up to the rooftop, and we could see the fire getting bigger…

Yea, I was on the phone when daddy took this pic. Minutes after the explosion happened, our house phones were ringing non stop, and so did our cells. Thanks to my friends who were concerned about me ^_^

And yes, I know I look ugly here -____-“

Anyway, this was how it looked like from the rooftop:

I couldn’t get a really nice shot since I don’t have a tele. I want a tele lens!!! Anyone kind enough to buy for me? 😀

After awhile, we went back home as Mum was home alone with our house maid.

So what did we do at home while feeling worry-worry-calm? Lol

Watch news on TV lor!

Metro TV’s Breaking News was our devoted companion last nite. We turned it on non stop until wee hours in the morning.

My parents finally dozed off around 2am while I was still reading Reader Digest with TV on (I took an extra bed and slept on parents’ room too, btw, so it would be easier if something happened). I finally could manage to get some sleep around 3am (I was so worried the fire would spread laaa). But it wasn’t a beauty sleep. I kept on getting awake and see if there’s any update on the news la or went to the balcony and see the fire or took out my camera battery from the charger la,…

A phone call woke us up at 5am. It was Mum’s driver. He called to inform that he couldn’t come in today due to flood.

Okayyyy…Flood again -________-

Then we went out to the balcony….

Woahh…very thick smoke!

Sorry for the a-little-bit-blur pic. I was still half awake when I took it. Lol

So around 6:30 am we get into the car and drive out to see the conditions outside since a few of Mum’s friends called and told her they’re not going to work cos their houses were flooded.

Okay, shophouses in front of our housing complex is dry!



Lol…Ohh Kelapa Gadinggggggg…..My lovely placeeeeeeeee…….Once it rains heavily, you will be flooded everywhereeeeeeee……………………

But I still love you very berry much tho! You have everything we need. Hahahaha 😀

Anyway, this is a very common sight you’ll see when there’s heavy rain and flood in Jakarta:

People parking their cars on the higher ground to avoid them from the water. Lol. Sorry, maybe you can’t really see it here. Should have taken it from higher angle but I couldn’t do so since I was in the moving car.

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