Double Tape

Hello! It’s been almost a month (or has it been a month already??) since the last time I updated my blog. Lots of stories to be told. Wait and see! ^^

Anyway, today’s my first day of internship (yes, another internship) at an advertising agency cum free magazine publisher called “Double Tape”. A small agency but there seems to be loads of work here everyday. Lol.

My job today wasn’t so bad. I had to use Friendster and Facebook (Cool, right?) to check those comments sent by the magazine readers (which is High School students), and updated them into the database and so on. One problem is, you know those bimbo HS students (both girls and guys) who use some freaking-weird-not-funny names on their profile pages (applies to Friendster) like “I aM a GrEeN ChOcO lOvEr” or whatever it is with those BiG sMaLL cApS LiKe tHiS wHicH aNNoyS mY eYeS sO mUcH! and those oh-so-colorful background which made my eyes work extra hard to see (which in the end I just press CTRL+A. Kesian my eyes leh!)

But aside from that, I guess the job is pretty much easy. For now. Lol. I was told that I will try to work at the agency as well by next week or so.

3 thoughts on “Double Tape

  1. Lol as long as I can remember, I've never write stuffs with tHoSeBiGsMaLLcApSLiDdiS. Oh well, maybe once or twice, but it wasn't extreme at all. LOL it really irritates my eyes >.<lol and I seriously hate those so-norak background as well..I've never used any of them too. LOL xp

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