When a 15-mins-journey became a 90-mins

I just spent 1.5 hours+ on the road from Ambasador Kuningan to my office here at Wolter Monginsidi……..

….which normally can be reached within 15 minutes….

Yea I know, wt*peep* right? lol

So it was like this. 5 of my colleagues and I wanted to go to Ambasador to have our lunch. Since 2 of them was going to fetch an ex-colleague of theirs, they went by a different taxi while another 3 girls and I shared a taxi. And so we off, at 1pm something.

The journey to Ambasador was all smooth. No jam or whatsoever.

We reached there, eat, bought DVDs (oops..lol), bla bla bla until 2pm something, then we proceed to the main gate to look for a taxi to go back tto the office. Fyi, it was already raining cats and dogs at that time.

Okay, so we were waiting at the entrance only to see lots of people fighting for taxis -_____-
Not exactly fight as in ‘fight’, but it was like you gotta stop the taxi quickly and run there before other people can touch the door. Lol

So like that lor. And we waited for around 10 minutes or so until it was 2:30 pm and we finally got our taxi.

By that time, the road outside Ambasodor was already flooded.

The main streets we passed by were all flooded quite deep. Motorists had to park their vehicles at the road sides as the water would go until exhaust-deep.

The road was freaking jammed!! And 4 of us were seating at the back seat. Looks like no one wanted to seat in front. LOL

Luckily we are all slim :p

After 1.5 plus of oh-so-bad traffic jam, we finally arrived at the office, safe and sound.

Pictures coming up. I didn’t bring my digicam and so I had to use my cell, and I didn’t bring the transfer cable with me.

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