Good morning!

Cao an! Zuotian nimen shui de hao ma? 😀

A good day starts with a good breakfast! Hee hee~

Errr..okay, you can only see the condiments, but actually there’s porridge beneath them. Lol. Hen haochi de zhou! 😀 Bought it nearby my office.

What makes it more yummy was the liver satay. Nehh on the top left there. A big and juicy liver satay, I like! Hochiak! Hahahaha

And surprisingly, this week passes by quite fast. Tomorrow is Friday again! Wheeee~

On the other note, this year is gonna be full of travelling for me! :D:D:D
Oh well, it’s not literally full la (Bo lui leh! Unless you guys wanna sponsor me *wink wink* lol), but so far, I’ve 3 trips coming soon!

After my KL trip last Easter break, I’m going to Bali this upcoming 3-6 June, then continued with a trip to the city of Indonesian Hokkienese, Medan, on 24-30 June, and then I’m gonna fly to Kay Elle (again!!) on 18-20 July! Woooooo isn’t that nice? 😀

More trips are coming soon…..(I hope la. hehehehe)

Ok la, I gotta do my work now! Ciao~

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