Yes, it’s true! I have found ANOTHER love of my life!! (I’m sorry Muchi dear, you gotta share a spot in my heart for him) *wipes tears of joy*

Say hello to……jeng jeng jenggg~


LOL this thing is so so so so sooooo addictive!! Dammit!! You are ruining my diet, you great sweet round creature! Oh, I got it from Stroopy btw.

Ok la, it’s rather expensive at IDR 34K for a packet (8 pieces), but I can’t help it. It’s soooo nice!!

For those who have never heard of Stroopwafel before, it’s a Dutch snack (English translation: syrup waffle). It’s basically 2 pieces of thin waffles with syrup-like filling between them (caramel syrup). The taste isn’t so sweet so I likeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Ohhhh….anyone going to Holland? Please get me loads and loads of this heavenly stuff! Cos I’m sure it’s cheap there. Hehehehehe…

I guess I can join the Association of Stroopwafel Addicts already…

Those who play Parker Brother’s Monopoly (I love it! Anyone wants to get me the Disney version? T_T) will surely recognize this cute face. Hahahahaha. Although he’s old and has mustache, but he looks so damn cute (and no, I don’t have any weird obsession or fetish of old men). I saw this in front of Petra toy store in Mal Kelapa Gading (MKG) today. Apparently, they were promoting the Indonesian version of PB’s Monopoly.

So there was a story related to this cute old man…

I was actually looking for the iPhone stand in the atrium of MKG 2 (there are 4 MKGs: MKG 1,2, 3, and 5 –>they skipped 4…You know, Chinese). At the end, Mum and I were like…”where’s the iPhone thingy?”

Then as we walked upstairs and saw the banner, Mum was looking down and said “Ey, it’s down there!”

And the ‘down there’ refers to…….in front of Petra toy store…..


Mum: “Guess you were too fascinated by the Monopoly man and you didn’t realize that it was just there”


Finally I could get my hands on this book and call it my own! :D:D:D

Ok la, it has existed for a few years already, but I just got mine today, at 50% discount! 😀

I’ve been wanting to buy it since a loooong time already (cos I got the 1st book a long time before), buthen the price tag made me a bit reluctant to buy…at IDR 400k+, it was a lot of money for me.

Now that I’ve earned money myself, it’s ok la. Lol :p

Some more it was on 50% discount!! It became IDR 250,000!!!

My outfit of the day~

and yes, I know my legs look weird..they are abnormally shaped.

Ok, last picture of the day

I’ve seen this kind of promotion twice, both for the same tour agency (but it was a woman). He was just standing there, still. Couldn’t help but thinking “How does it feel to have your whole body painted in gold? Some more the hair oso kena painted pulak”


  1. Hahaha I’m not really sure whether it’s really abnormal tho, since i’ve seen some girls with those kinds of legs. Lolok, so we have another something in common….Lol :pand..did you check it after you read my blog? LMAO

  2. omGosh… i have the same kind of legs shape or whatever you call it…. hmmm… i was just re-checking it out this afternoon… weird/funny shape… =.+it’s so not totally straight at all…

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