Mr. Ng in Jakarta – I

Mr. Ng paid me a visit in Jakarta last January 31st-February 15th. I was so over-joyed of his coming 😀 !! Of course la, I couldn’t meet my dumb boyfriend anytime I want to, how could I not overjoyed? This was his first visit to Indo some more 😀

So on the bright evening of Saturday, January 31st, 2009, I went to the airport to fetch my dumb yet adorable boyfriend (did I just say that?) who was supposed to land at 5 pm (was it 5 or 5:30? I forgotten…). He landed on time and we went home happily~

On the first day after his arrival, there was already a dinner he had to attend. Lol. Cos my auntie was having her birthday celebration on that Sunday night, so off we go!

Some of my nieces and nephews…

Kids nowadays are very good in posing. When they saw me holding my digicam and pointing towards them, they straight away posed like this. Tsk tsk tsk…

The next day, I brought him to MKG first thing in the morning (correction: afternoon). Lol.

We gai-gai around, eat eat eat

See his fat hao face (pointing to the photo up there)

Some tiny ice creams for dessert 😀

I let him try one of my national public transport when we went home: Bajaj! LMAO

And bought nasgor, mie, and beehon tek-tek in front the tennis court in my housing area


It’s finger lickin’ good, baby! LOL~

Ok, so basically, for the next 14 days, it was filled with food, food, food, more food, and gai2 😀

This was the common scene you could see:

*Shakes head* some people are just so rakus….

On one of the beautiful days, we went to Dufan, tthe famous amusement park in Jakarta.

We reached there around 10, but the gate would only be opened at 11 -_-

So we had to wait lor…Wait so long until faces became like that oredi…

Oi, Starbucks hasn’t opened yet la! Sabar sikit. Lol

Oh yea, here, I discovered that he has a fetish for guys also…*sob*

See that!

And little did I know that he was flirting with another girl too *double sobs* in front of my eyes some more *triple sobs*

See! See! T_T

Ok, so there’s this mascots’ dance thingy when they first open the gate.

I was taking pictures of Mochi (those mascots were dancing behind of him), and I didn’t realize that the mascots were started to dance and the main character (the bekantan) was going towards him. I seriously didn’t expect it, so I jumped in shock! Like seriously shock! LOL ok la I know it’s very embarassing. He was like lost why the hell did I jump around like that. Those people standing behind me were smiling and laughing at me, then I pointed to his back and the bekantan is already right behind him…

Erm….sounds complicated? or dumb? Lol *so paiseh*

He loves him so much! I’ve told you he got a fetish in guys! T__T
Buthen…I think the bekantan was shock to see a guy hugging him tight tight like that…

See he made the peace sign!

The first ride we hopped on was Merry-Go-Round!!

Weeeee~ Exposing the inner child in us! XD

Errr..pardon me. This is a fathao boy..He looks constipated! LOL

Playing in the Mirror House

Wooo long legs~

I’m so tall and you’re so short! XD

A lost boy~

We went to the arcade and play some games like UFO catcher (tried 3 times but all failed! Lol maybe we are a major fail in UFO catcher) and he played this for a few times…

One of those arcade games where you can show how strong you are

And we got these!

Woohooo~ Not bad huh?

We exchanged it for some snacks (if not mistaken) and these cute little things XD

The classic boom boom car! 😀

Ferris wheel!!
And we sat in the same err….what’s the term? damn I forgot…what do you call that? Argh screw it! Just say “cabin” la. hehehehe…So yea, we sat in the same cabin with a Malaysian family! Lol…Met your Malaysian fellows ar dear?

That’s all for part 1. Stay tune for part 2!

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