The Final Result of the Eighth Season of America’s Most Favorite Talent Show

And so the eighth season of American Idol has just ended. I’m a lil disappointed with the result tho, cos the one I like didn’t win the “Idol” title.

Yes, Adam Lambert lost! T_____T

and Kris Allen won! (obviously la, duh)

I found that Lambert has a very strong vocal characteristic! He really was born to be a rock star! Seriously, those who watched the AI final result show should be agree with me. The way he screamed with his high-pitch voice at the end of the song was just….amazing!!! It didn’t sound annoying at all, not like some rockers out there who scream like they are being tortured in hell or something and their vocal chords are gonna broke anytime soon.

This was my expression when I saw his performance with KISS:


And I straight away fell in love with his sexay voice, despite his sexual preference

I’ve never seen such a powerful performance by any of the previous American Idol’s contestants. Powerful as in the very strong vocal! Man, even My Chemical Romance couldn’t do better :p

p.s: Don’t worry babe, I still love your voice much more than his hehehehe

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