eBay: Slightly Unusual, Really Weird, Totally Bizarre

I’ve heard a lot of times that there are often bizarre items were being auctioned on eBay, but I’ve never actually went and check it out myself until just now, out of the blue, I went to eBay and clicked on the “Everything Else” category, only to found out that there are so many weird categories it made me literally go like this–> o.O

The curious side of me led me to clicked on the “Weird Stuff” and check them out, from the “Slightly Unusual” items like:

Learn How to Make $10,000 a month on eBay

to “Really Weird” items like a dog-shaped corn flake

to the “Totally Bizarre” items like a Russian Airborne Military Hat

I like this one! I want one! Lol

Elvis Presley Skeleton Figurine

I found this quite scary lor! As much as I like Elvis, I won’t buy this bizarre collector’s item, even if it’s given to me for free!

Virgil Porter’s Dirty Socks

Eww! Can’t believe how some hardcore fans would buy anything (and I mean ANYTHING) that once belonged to their idols, like this smelly socks here! Although it once belonged to Virgil Porter, but it’s still smelly la…. LOL

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