is one of my favorite bread!

Ok, honestly, I am such a sucker for bread >.<

*Confirmed by my mum. She said I’ve been having a huge amount of love for bread since I was small. LOL*

So the brownish bread above is called Roti Gambang, made from flour and brown sugar and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Sounds so simple right? But the taste is just soooo nice I could hardly tahan my appetite everytime I saw it.

The texture is chewy with a hinf od brown sugar. Good thing is, it’s not too sweet so it suits me so!!

I loooove it so much since I was in Primary School. Too bad, nowadays it’s kinda hard to find it cos usually those who sell it are the traditional bread man…Ehmm..something like this:

(Photo tukang roti gerobak)

One of those bakeries are Tan Ek Tjoan and Lauw Bakery, but they are rarely seen in Jakarta today :((

When I was small, I used to see lots of the bread-selling-cart around my living area….

And it’s been a few years since the last time I eat a roti gambang. Surprisingly, when my parents went to Bogor with their friends for a night out at a villa, they stopped by a Tan Ek Tjoan bakery there!! Wooo!! And definitely my dad bought me a roti gambang as my parents know how much I love it!!! :D:D:D:D:D

I was out when they reached home, and when I came home, I gladly found a piece of that brownish bread in the cake box!!!


I held it in my hands, break it apart, touch and feel it, take a bite, and….

…Ahhhhhh heavenly……

Couldn’t bear to gobble it down at once, I bite it slowly and enjoying every single bit of the roti…….yummmm~

Sigh…if only the oven at home is usable (rosak d. Have tried to fix it twice but still no use), I would make lots of rotiS and cakeS regularly cos I love them 😦

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