Attention Vintage Stuffs Lovers!!

I googled for “Iklan kuno (Old advertisement)” just now, and I landed on this very interesting site that sells lots of Indonesian vintage stuffs! (Some items even came from overseas).

At least it’s interesting for me cos I like those old ads and magazine covers and stuffs. Lol it’s kinda funny when you look at it, more over when u read the copy! Ahahahahaha…it really makes me think on how far the development of advertising in Indonesia has been!

Let me show you some of the cool stuffs there:

This is a rare postcard that doesn’t even mentioned in the Indonesian Philately Catalog!! Published in the memorial of the 11th year of Indonesian Independence Day.

There’s an image of Garuda Indonesia on the front side and an image of Soekarno as the 1st President of the Republic of Indonesia, completed with the Proklamasi text.

Super Rare!! I want this for my postcard collection!!!

Below is a special edition silver coin published by the Bank of Indonesia on October 1, 1974

So unique! I want also! Lol

And this,

is a very rare public announcement from the World War II era (and the Japanese occupation too)!!

It’s about how to keep yourself safe when there was an air attack.

A literature work of Grant Allen from 1948. Dunno what’s the story. I’ve tried to google but there seems to be no information about this book. Nevermind. Lol

An old Newsweek! A June 16th 1968 issue with Robert Francis Kennedy (RFK) as the cover (man). The main news is about his assasination.

A Hans Christian Andersen’s storybook!

See, only IDR 40,-!! Eh wait, izzit Rp 40,- or Rp 250,- ? o.O

WOW! Lottery ticket!! LOL. The Oendian Oeang Djawa Gunseikanbu was a lottery held during the short (3 years only! 1942-1945) Japanese Occupation Era in Indonesia.

The lottery dated back to day 3, month 10, year 2604 (based on the Showa Japanese calendar on the year 1944).
The total prize was 125,000 Gulden (Dutch currency before it changed to Euro), with the first prize worth 30,000 Gulden!

And this is children’s favorite magazine at its’ time! Some said even the readers that grew up with this still missing this magazine oftenly!

This is the 26th edition of 1976

This is the 23rd issue of 1976

I’ve heard about this magazine before from my parents, and Si Kuncung can be considered as the most read magazine of the kids from that time. It’s a real memorabilia for those who grew up with it.

This is one of my favorites! LOL

A Kodak advertisement from the Dutch Colonial Era! That time, camera was still called fototoestel or in short toestel (In fact, we, Indonesian, are still using the term Tustel –> the modern Indonesian spelling of Toestel until now!). Oh well, Indonesian language are much influenced by Dutch and Portuguese anyway 🙂

Anyway, read the copy!!

…satoe Kodak!

ROFL can anyone tell me what is KESABETAN? I couldn’t seem to figure it out!

Some book written in Ancient Javanese alphabet (Huruf Jawi Kuno) during the Dutch Colonial Era! When it’s translated into Indonesian, it became…

………………SITI KARO SLAMET (Siti and Slamet)!! ROFL!

Published by J.B. Wolters, Batavia, on 1931!

Next! old Sin Po newspaper. Dated 2nd Lak Gwee Tuesday 2473 or July 25, 1922!

This one is an old Sinar Harapan newspaper!

Wah, this is so rare! An Indonesian comic from the Dutch Colonial Era. Probably was published around the 1930s, and most probably is the first comic book ever published in Indonesia, in comic genre.

The story is about Ken Angrok (I supposed it’s the same as Ken Arok. ANyone can clarify this for me?)

An old school report book from the Dutch Colonial Era! This is where the word Raport (the Indonesian for Report) came from! See, I’ve told you that Indonesian language got a lot of influence from Dutch and Portuguese 😉

And those are some of my favorites from Koleksi Tempo Doeloe

Ahhh vintage stuffs never die. Lol :p

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