A super tiny reunion with 3 people

After I almost forgotten about meeting up with Cynthia (sorry, babe :p), I finally met up with her and Nia last Saturday. Supposedly Isabel was there as well, but she couldn’t make it at the last minute 😦

So anyway, we went for a normal girls’ outing. Started with hearty meals and a long chit chat<3… (no picture)

…..Freshen up with Sour Sally…

….Fooling around….

I found this really funny yet stupid eyeglasses in the shape of bicycle, guitar, and a freaking GOLD skeleton head. SO BLING! But unfortunately forgotten to take pic 😦

….Satisfying the fantasy world in us…

Yea la I know I’m so late for this, but it has just started to play here in Indo not long ago T_T

It’s a good movie btw. Altho I fell asleep for a minute or more in the middle of the movie. LOL :p

If I have the power like Mortimer Folchart, I’d definitely read my Doraemon and Disney comics out loud so they will come out to life! 😀

….and topped off with some sushi!! 😀

I couldn’t help but laugh at the stupid gay sun and the even gayer Sumo-er! ROFL!

Apparently this was our first time dining at Sushi Groove (cos we knew that Sushi Tei was surely damn PACKED and we had to queue for we didn’t know how long and we didn’t wanna think about it.

They have this long table where customers can sit side by side (even tho they don’t know each other). Guess Sushi Grooves wants to create a friendship bond between the customers? o.O

The sushiS there were named in a groovy way (or so they say). Oh well, at least the names are not those normal ones like ‘Sake’, or ‘California Roll’ (ok, they do have California Roll as well) or whatever. Just look at the menu…You got ‘Rock & Roll’, ‘Flying Geisha Roll’, ‘Electric Eel Roll’, ‘Lil; Mermaid Roll’, ‘Hot Kiss Roll’, …

…’Ziggy Roll’, ‘Angry Mushroom Roll’, …

…’Krakatau Roll’…

Ok ok. Enough for the rolls! Lol.

Chouji Roll. Definitely a must-try! It’s kinda unique as the roll is being deep fried before being cut into pieces. The taste? Mozarella Chicken with a slight taste of chilli sauce.

Mayonnaise Dream Roll. It is baked! Wooo I like unique sushiS! Lol. Very very hot cos we ate it right after i was served! LOL our tongues were damn burned!

Bulgogi Roll! Wheee~ Tasted a bit hot as well cos of the chilli on top! But it’s niceeeee~

Yeap, we only ordered 3 types cos we were still kinda full from the lunch and so on.

I’m kinda agree with that!

I’ll definitely go back there some other time to try the other unique rolls! 😀

Ambience: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 8/10 (quit reasonable. Cheaper than Sushi Tei)

A simple outing yet we (ok, at least I) had so much fun :))

Looking forward for our next reunion, girls! Hopefully with more people 😉

And when will we arrange our Primary School reunion again? 😀

p.s: Bali and Medan post will be postponed for now. Lazy to sort the photos :p

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