President Election 2009…tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the President Election day…and I’ve taken some part in making it successful…

See see? I helped the committee filling in the invitation forms. LOL

No la, actually cos my dad was part of the committee, and the head of the committee was in Bali until last night, and the KPU (Komisi Pemilihan Umum – Election Committee) had just given the forms on Saturday night and yet they expect us to have them filled in by Sunday night so the people from RW could send them out the next morning! WTH!!! So short time oni? Cehhhh…

My mum and I did help him la, but for sure we couldn’t managed to finish 600 (yes, a freaking amount of six hundred!!!) forms in just 1 or 2 nights. We did the same thing last April for the Legislative Election but it was only like what…350 or so. So I asked my dad to give them some to the other committee member to help also la.

But anyway, I didn’t manage to help a lot as I was feeling sooo damn sleepy. Sowie, daddy! :p

And cos tomorrow is the election day, it’s gonna be a public holiday for us *jumping with glee*

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