Translating English to Indonesian is just plain gay!

One of my tasks currently is translating AMD booklets…

WTH! The language is so technical it’s so damn hard for me to translate it properly! And it sounds so gayyyyyy…..

Look at this:

Generally all you need to do is get the processor installed and then you can install the board into the casing. However, it’s a good idea to install the memory as well while you’re at it and improperly-installed memory can prevent a rig from starting up.

Becomes like this:

Secara umum, yang harus anda lakukan adalah meng-install prosesor, dan kemudian memasang papan induk di dalam casing. Tetapi, meng-install memori pada waktu yang bersamaan ketika anda memasang motherboard adalah ide yang baik, dan memori yang di-install tidak dengan semestinya akan mencegah…………………………..

WTH so stupid right? -_______________________________-

3 lines became 4 lines and it’s not even finished yet…..

…Or izzit just me who couldn’t translate it properly? -________________-


AMD Sempron (TM) Processors let you connect with leading-edge wireless compatibility and true multi-tasking (surf the web, check e-mail, and edit digital photos) on the go.

Best for customers who want…

Performance for everyday computing

I translated that into:

AMD Sempron memberi anda koneksi dengan kompatibiliti nirkabel dan kemampuan multi-taskingsurfing web, mengecek e-mail, dan mengedit foto digital). (

Terbaik untuk mereka yang menginginkan…

  • Performa untuk komputasi sehari-hari

And I have 20 pages to translate wtf!

Arghh screw it!

I hate translating English to Indonesian, anyway!!! Gahhhh!

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