Rebecca Bloomwood mode: on!

Lately I seemed to be so hooked up to midnight shopping….

That was the last midnight shopping I went to…June 19th, 2009 at Senayan City.

Before this, I went to 90% of the midnight shoppings held in other shopping malls in Jakarta

So what does it means?

Means I’m broke lor! 😦

Midnight shopping seemed to be in trend lately here in Jakarta. But unfortunately, not all big shopping malls had midnight sale. So far, there were only 4: Senayan City (which already had it for 2 times), Grand Indonesia (once), Emporium Pluit (once), and Mal Artha Gading (once).

Shopping after work is always the best therapy to get rid of the work stress! 😀

The only bad thing about it is…well, the queue at the cashiers….

I could spend more than 40 minutes just to pay an item or two or three (or more)…

But well, it’s a normal thing during any sales, right?

The good thing is, usually most of the stores at Senayan City (or Grand Indonesia) would be opened! Means I could shop not only in Debenhams or Seibu, but also at the stores along the way 😀

Ohh, and the worst thing during midnight shopping is, of course, a big big hole in my pocket 😦

You see, usually they will have a partnership with some credit card brands during midnight shopping that will give some extra discounts. If it’s HSBC then I’m doomed! I have HSBC credit card….so tempting >.I didn’t hear any siren at all during my 3.5 hours of midnight shopping there…No one seemed to pressed the button…

Anyway, here are 2 (out of *ehm… no la, not that many* 6 only) items that damaged my wallet:

I bought this Swatch watch on a super low price! They had a special price just for this World Tour Series (the others also got discounts, but not as low as this one)

The one I bought is the New York series. Other than that, they had Italy, Paris, and another two I forgotten.

Guess how much is the price?

IDR 269,900 only!!!! Damn! What a bargain! (especially for a Swatch lover like me :p)

And it doesn’t use battery! So the energy comes from the light! All I gotta do is to “charge” it under the sunlight or lamp for an hour or two, and the power will last for 2 days or so.

A very comfy Philips In-Ear Earphone for my iPod. The original one is a little bit spoiled and I wanted to buy the Apple In-Ear earphone actually, but it’s damn freaking expensive wth!

But luckily Mum sponsored the other 4 items (dress, shoes, jeans, and underwear) :p

Thank you Mama I love you muach! Lol 😀

Anyway, with so many midnight shoppings all around, I wonder how do we define the word ‘crisis’?

Crisis? What crisis?

p.s: spot me on the above pic!

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