Feels like De Javu when JW Marriott Jakarta was blasted off on August 5, 2003, nearly 6 years ago…

And this morning, it happened again. This time, it wasn’t only JW Marriott, but also Ritz Carlton Kuningan which is located just across it.

Up to now (I mean when I write this), there have been 4 people died….

The blast happened around 7:40a, this morning near the Plaza Mutiara Restaurant at JW Marriott, then not long after that, another bomb blasted off near Ritz Carlton…


I heard it’s because one of the Presidential candidate (the vice president candidate) wants a re-election as he is not satisfied with the result (he is losing, obviously).

But that’s just MAYBE la. I’m not sure also. Police are investigating it now.

Sigh…Just in time la. So ngam…cos Manchester United is coming to Jakarta this coming Monday (July 20)…..Will they still come?

p.s: an English article about this from CNN and another one (Indonesian) about some victims whose bodies were shattered apart….

Update: 11:57 am – They found ANOTHER bomb at JW Marriott . Wtf!!

1-19 pm – I just received a picture from my mum through BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which she got from her friend:

FREAKING SCARY LA PLS! Sumore looks like he’s an old man…

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