July 09 KL Trip – Day 1

I’ve been to KL back and forth too many times already lately that I didn’t blog about it anymore. But this time, I want to! ^^

Ok, pictures in numerical order!

#1 – Remember when I said my flight was supposed to be at 6:55 am but they changed it to 5:05 am?!

#2 – Super empty Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. I’ve never been to the airport at 2:30am before, and it was really really empty.

#3 – So empty even the DFS is closed! Wth! I thought DFS is supposed to be opened for 24 hours?!

#4 – There was only 1 shop opened…

#5 – See, very empty

#6 – I wanted to lepak in the lounge…but mana tau….

#7 – Dammit! Got 3 lounges and all closed? Wth! T_T

#8 – So what to do? Sit down and watch TV lor…hmmm…

#9 – Hmppp….I’m hungry pulak

#10 – So I camwhore lor…

My pretty new shoes :p

#11 – Oh yaa..still need to fill this in:

#12 – A health declaration form for Malaysia…They scared I kena H1N1 and infected the country. Lol :p

#13 – I was thinking to just go into the boarding room and stay there, but it hasn’t opened yet -_-. So I had to walk around again to cease the boredom -_________-

#14 – Finally I’m in the plane. Was wearing mask cos I’m afraid of swine flu. LOL. But the man sitting 2 seats beside me (empty seat in the middle) kept on coughing continuously but he didn’t even bother to wear a mask wth -________-

#15 – Yummy breakfast ^_______^ Nasi uduk, Kit Kat, fruits, orange juice, and yogurt. Wah soooo full!

#16 – Got a chapped part near the window where I was sitting. Was trying to dig in to see the material but couldnt…Izzit cardboard? I’m not sure tho…

#17 – Finally….KL here I come!

#18 – Health screening to see whether you will got quarantined for swine flu

#19 – Queuing for screening. Well, all we had to do was just giving the health statement card to the staff and…

#20 – …. let the screening machine do its’ duty

#21 – Eh…but I didn’t pass the screening though….I was infected with H1N1…See, they gave me this card..Sigh, must be the man sitting 2 seats next to me who spreads the virus 😦

#22 – CHOI!! No la I wasn’t infected with Swine Flu!!! This yellow card was given out to all passengers

#23 – Mochi also scared of me….Scared kena virus?!

#24 – My first meal: KARIPAP!!! Specially made by Aunty Ng! Yum yum yumm..hochiak! 😀

#25 – First stop: Tung Shin Hospital….

#26 – For my dental check up…Sigh…can’t take the braces off now. Need to wait a little bit more until September. Apparently I was too rajin in wearing the rubber band for the last 3 months that it got too far and my upper teeth went too forward a little bit wtf!

Dr. Tan Wee Kee: Luckily it didn’t look like Bugs Bunny from the front.

Mochi: Bwahahahahahahahahahaha Bugs Bunny!!!! Wahahahaahahahahahahaha

Me: *Looking at Mochi, wanted to kill him at the very moment*

#27 – Then it’s time for shopping!! 😀

#28 – Malaysia Mega Sale leh! How can I pass it?

#29 – So we went to Pavilion

#30 – And filled our tummy first. I was surprised to found a RM 3.90 porridge in Pavilion. LOL. And surprisingly, it was good and filling! Well, at least for me. Hehehe 😀
Btw, I saw sooooo many people in red jersey that day!! Man Utd lor..what else? Lol

#31 – Then it was time for shopping!! Succesfully took this picture in Forever 21 before get warned by one of the staffs that photography isn’t allowed there :p. At the end, it was Mochi who shopped, not me 😦

#32 – Chewy Jr! Yum yumm…

#33 – Went to Sunway Pyramid at night. Haven’t been there for a few years. The new wing is quite nice

#34 – Waffle World for dinner!!!

#35 – Waiting for our food…Hungryyyyy~

#36 – Triple Nutz Waffle!!! Damn good!!

#37 – See, we would like to gulp it down at the very second

#38 – See the nuts…Chocolate waffle with nuts and vanilla ice cream…Omg it’s heaven…

#39 – Spaghetti Carbonara! Surprisingly, the portion is quite big, and they give a generous amount of toppings too! Perfect for sharing (cos I won’t be able to finish it alone :p)

#40 – Walked around…

#41 – Until Mochi decided to buy Kebab! So rakus! Wahahahahahahhaha~

Ok. End of Day 1. Stay tune for day 2 ^^

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