Some things I found from my July 09 stat counter this morning

Seems that lots of people are interested in Doraemon and Singapore LPR lately. Lol. Not to mention last 2 months’ stats that had a lot of ‘i love doraemon’ in it. Lol

A freaking long keyword

More earlier keyword analysis

APONK BAGS! ROFLMAO!! Fyi, Aponk is one of my besties’ name (ok la, the real name is Afong, but we usually call her Apong/Aponk…LOL)

Lol wonder who typed in this keyword (pointing at the red box above)…Mochi, tell Ike he’s famous and someone wanted to work with him (or maybe it was his colleague? :p) ! LOL

On the first month I set this up (May 09), the most popular keyword was anything related to Kit Kat….is Kit Kat that popular? Cos until now, there are often keywords related to Kit Kat…Kit kat chunky la, kit kat giant chunky belgium la, and whatsoever…

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