Am a lie

Just read Cheesie’s post on why she changed her name and I tried the anagram thingy she mentioned there, and look what is the result:

Can somebody tell me what in the world is lepsaria????

I even tried to look for the meaning in Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, but the word doesn’t even exist

Ok la, then I tried with just my first name:

Wtf! So all of this time I am a true liar? o.O

And they said that “All the life’s wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie.”


One thought on “Am a lie

  1. this is so funny because i found this page because i put my friend's name into an anagram generator, and it told me her anagram was "HA! LEPSARIA!" i'm having the same problem as you. haha

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