My PC in office is dead… -_______-

Yesterday, at around 5pm, suddenly my monitor went blank for a few seconds, then it turned back on. It happened again a few minutes afterward, then it became so intense that my monitor was starting to ‘dance’ (off-on-off-on in a split of seconds) and there was this “click clack click clack” sound. So I turned it off, waited for a few mins before turning it back on, and still, “click clack click clack” and then tadaaaaaa~ no visual at all wth!

So how? I couldn’t shut the PC down as well. So I pressed the reset button on the CPU, stupidly hoping the monitor would come back to life. It was no use.

After that, I had to pull out the power cable. Otherwise, how the hell am I gonna turn my PC off right? Then I tried to turn it on again, and……it couldn’t!! WTH!

So now my CPU also cannot on, monitor also no visual. How lehhhh? Now I’m using Indri’s laptop since she’s out for a meeting~

It could be either the power supply, power cable, or whatever it is…

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