Budi, keep on playing soccer…


I still can’t do any work…My office PC is still being hospitalized. The power supply will be bought today but it’s no use since the designer cum IT person who will install it is on MC. So yea, these 2 days I’ve been a very “productive” employee :p

Anyway, still remember the J.W. Mariott + Ritz Carlton Jakarta bombing last month which resulted in MU canceled the match in Jkt?

A few months earlier, 3 (yeap, the mobile provider), who had a partnership with MU (buy a 3 starter pack and you’ll get an official MU merchandise) put on a billboard with Rooney (I think it’s him la…LOL :p) holding a 3 starter pack and wearing an MU phone strap on his neck (damn I couldn’t get the picture…I regret didn’t take it while it was still on T3T)

This is one of it la..Alex Ferguson…

And this is the commercial. Damn funny if you understand Indonesian. Lol

After the *DUARRRR!!!*, there’s a version of the commercial above (in jpg) on the internet:


And the billboard became like this:

ROFL!! This one is in Kelapa Gading. So funny la. But you need to watch the commercial then can only understand this.

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