Super creamy and sweet and filling cupcakes

When I saw this banner in front of Cold Stone last month…

I knew I had to try it since I love cupcakes!

Looks yummy right right right?!

But too bad la they only have 3 flavors so far…

Cake Batter Deluxe

Double Chocolate Devotion

Sweet Cream

At IDR 20K per piece, it’s considered quite expensive for a cupcake. But oh well, since it’s Cold Stone, so it’s understandable. Lol

So I wanted to buy 3 lor (if want it to take away, need to buy minimum 3 pieces), one for each flavor…but then got a promotion: Buy 5 get 1 free. So being a kiasu I am, I bought 5 lor (Lol no la, just cos I thought I would love it)

Because the inside is ice cream, so apparently we need some dry ice to be put in the box. And while cupcakes are small, they don’t have a small box, instead it has to be a CAKE BOX….

And I mean a BIG CAKE BOX

See, see?

Lol looks like I’m bringing a birthday cake or something rather than cupcakes!

Excited, I took one out…

…Scoop the butter cream….Dig in…

The filling is 90% ice cream, with just a layer of cake on the bottom

And the cup itself is made from chocolate!!

Overall, it’s not up to my standard. Kinda disappointed with it tho. Lol. Cos the butter cream is a lot, plus the chocolate cup…I dunno, it just not my cup of tea…way too filling!

Appearance : 7/10
Flavor : 5/10
Price : 4/10 —> I’d rather buy the ice cream than the cupcakes.

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