I didn’t know CNN loved my blog. LOL so perasan :p

When I checked on my stat counter just now, I was quite shocked with the number of visitors I got yesterday n this morning. It may not be that much for some of bloggers (in fact, in can be considered as berrryyy little wan), but it is quite a lot for me since I don’t intend to make this blog public. Anyway, what I’m gonna say will probably make some people go “Wth, like that only? and you’re so proud about it? It’s no big deal at all la!”

So, what happened was…I wrote this yesterday and when I clicked on the “Recent came from” category just now, I found that 98% of yesterday’s and today’s visitors came from here

I was like..How the hell could they went into my blog from that article in CNN?! o.O

Curiously, I opened the CNN article again, and I found this at the bottom of the article:

Woohooooo~ No wonder la 😀

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