"What I Have Been Up To Lately" post

A standard title for a blog post, huh? Lol :p

Anyway, these are the 10 things of what I’ve been up to lately:

1. Confirmed: Raya holiday in KL with parents and family’s best friend! Maybe we’ll go to an island as well there

2. I just found out about BB cream (so sua koo, I know >.<) and I wanna give it a try. Maybe gonna buy one from Skin Food when I go to KL next month

3. Shit, I am out of words. Does this means my life is boring recently? -____-

4. Seriously, I’m out of words! Wth!

5. Oh yea! Another Nike Warehouse Sale next month (but this time in Surabaya). Gonna go there with 3 colleagues to take care of it

6. I just realized September is coming very soon, and then November (I skip October la, I love November), and then I’ll add another year in my life *damn! I’m gonna be a quarter a century within 2 years!* , and then December, then Hello 2010!

7. Oh shit! Will have to start on the next issue of Garuda In-flight Shopping Magazine! When is the dateline, you ask? December…..December! Christmas! Holiday! FML!

8. I wish it *pointing upwards* won’t take my holiday away *big puppy eyes*

9. Ermm….nothing else?! Ohh wait wait! I just found a cool site! The Candy Wrapper Museum!

10. Oh yea! Echa just gave me “Chasing Harry Winston” this morning. Looks like a great book. Ok, actually she didn’t really give it to me. She just said that she has bought this book, but accidentally bought another one because the covers were different. So she gives this one out (still in plastic wrapper!) to anyone who are interested in reading it. She passed it to me cos I was the only one in the office when she arrived, so I…. Ok it’s getting long and pointless. To cut it short, the book is with me now and I’m gonna read it! LOL



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