I swear I don’t wanna adopt a child!

Last night I asked Jessika out for dinner and on the way, she asked whether I wanted to watch a movie. I said sure, why not? And we settled for Orphan.

After a scrumptious dinner of a green tea waffle with strawberry (mine) and chocolate (hers) ice cream, we sat in the cinema and the movie started to roll…

So how’s the movie? (Warning: spoilers ahead! Continue reading if you aren’t the curious type)

p.s: It’s been so long since I wrote a complete movie review like this. Sorry if it’s too long!

Damn! It was one of the movie I kinda regret of watching!!

No, seriously! Esther, the main character, is just plain psycho and freaky!!!

You see, how could a sweet girl like this

turn into someone…

…like that?!

Again. From this…

to this

Ok, it’s not really obvious there, but the way she smiles is just…scary! You know, like those evil-ish smile

The movie started with a couple of husband and wife (John and Kate) who had just lost their baby (Jessica) when she was still in the womb.

Kinda frustrated with losing the baby, Kate decided to adopt a child from St. Mariana Home for Girls…

The place is nice! It’s all white, and sumore with the snow surrounding it, it so looks like those Christmas cards!

After wandering around, their choice went to Esther

A very very pretty and sweet girl who loves painting

Tell me, how could anyone not falling in love with a gorgeous smile like this?

I literally went “Awwwwww” the first time I saw her face. Really soo pwetty!

Sister Abigail, the head of the orphanage, said Esther is an extraordinary girl who is so mature for her age (9 y.o). So after getting her papers done, 3 weeks after that, John and Kate brought the sweet lil girl home. Little did they know disasters were waiting for them…

Esther seemed to get along well with John and Kate’s daugher, Maxine (Max, in short – sounds like a boy…) and not really well with Daniel (or Danny – Max’s older brother)

It started with her pushing her classmate down the high slide in the park because she was making fun of her even on the first day she came to the class

Brenda: Oh look! Little Bo Beep text me. She wants her outfit back.

That was what the poor girl said on the first day she came into the class cos she was wearing a cute dress that’s more appropriate for a party rather than for school.

After that, a few incidents occur:

Esther killed Sister Abigail when she visited John and Kate to told them she had made a mistake and that something’s wrong with Esther…

She smashed and stabbed her with a hammer and hid it in Danny’s tree house. Max was with her when it happened and Esther told her to shut her mouth up and not tell on her. Max, who is mute and communicates with sign language, couldn’t do anything as she was younger than her and was very very afraid of her.

A short conversation between Danny and Esther to show how psychotic Esther was:

[Esther and Max walk up after Daniel has shot a pigeon with his paintball gun]
Esther: Did you kill it?
Daniel Coleman: [crying] It was just a paintball, I didn’t think it’d hurt him…
[She picks up a big rock and holds it out to him]
Esther: Put it out of its misery.
[off his look]
Esther: It’s in pain. And it’s your responsibility.
Daniel Coleman: It was just an accident.
Esther: If you walk away now, it’ll starve to death. Is that what you want?
Daniel Coleman: I’m not doin’ it…
[after a moment, she smashes the pigeon with the rock]
Esther: [to Max] It’s all right. It’s in Heaven now.
Daniel Coleman: What’s wrong with you?

Kate then was told that the Russian orphanage Esther came from (before she came to America) has no record of her ever being there. However, despite Esther’s ill-omened behaviour, John didn’t believe it at all! Geez..what a stupido!

At one point, Esther breaks her own arm in John’s vise and convinces John that Kate broke it. On Esther’s first day back at school, she slips Kate’s SUV into neutral that makes it slide backwards down the road and nearly killing Max. Badly shaken, Kate buys two bottles of wine, but at the last minute pours one of them down the drain and leaves the other full.

Kate learns that Esther was housed at a mental institution in Estonia called the Saarne Institute, but when she expresses misgivings to John, he and her counselor think that Kate is relapsing into her drinking habit. After John produces the other bottle Kate bought the night before, he threatens to leave her unless she gets help.

(Taken from wikipedia):

Daniel learns of the hammer from Max and decides to get it and go to the police. However, Esther sets the treehouse on fire, intending to get rid of the evidence and kill Daniel. Daniel escapes by falling out of the tree, severely injuring his neck. Esther tries to finish him off by smashing a brick over his head, but Max shoves her out of the way just in time. Esther again tries to kill him at the hospital by smothering him with a pillow. As doctors rush to save Daniel, Kate angrily knocks Esther down, and is sedated by doctors.

That night, Esther tries to seduce a drunk John (WTH!). John realizes Kate was telling the truth all along and threatens to call the orphanage, but Esther stabs him to death. Max witnesses this and hides in her laundry hamper.

As Kate is coming out of sedation, she gets a call from the Saarne Institute’s director, Dr. Värava , who reveals that Esther isn’t a 9-year-old girl at all, but a 33-year-old woman named Leena Klammer (WTF!). She has hypopituitarism, a disorder that stunted her physical growth, and has spent most of her life posing as a little girl. The doctor tells Kate that Leena is dangerously psychotic, and warns her to protect her family. Kate rushes home, where Leena shoots her in the arm before searching for Max.

Their chase takes them outside to a frozen pond, where Kate and Leena struggle before falling through a hole in the ice. Kate crawls out of the hole, followed by Leena, who begs for her life, addressing Kate as “Mommy”. Kate angrily responds that she is not her mother, and kicks Leena in the face, breaking her neck and sending her back into the pond to drown.

Phew! What a movie la!

I like Isabelle Fuhrman! She’s so pretty! Altho she acts as the psychotic Esther in the movie, but still, she’s cute! 😀

*Ignore her bunny teeth*

See the comparison? Wahh so pretty and the one at the background so freaky! Lol

Ok, honestly, the plot isn’t that nice (I don’t know why it sounds interesting in writing), especially the ending! It’s sooo hanging! It ended just by Kate breaking Esther’s neck and sending her back into the cold cold pond to drown, then she walks away with Max. That’s it!! They didn’t tell how their life was after that or anything! More, they didn’t mention that she was a prostitute or something.

Hmmm…but it has succesfully made me and Jess scared, oh well, at least the images of Esther was still running in our head when we walked back to the car to go home AND *omg please don’t laught at me!!* made me slept in my parents’ room…..

Yea yea yea I know u guys must have been laughing at my childish-ness at this point, right? >.<

My dad had a good laugh at me last night when I told him I wanted to sleep in his room (he slept in my bedroom), then Mum ( who was half asleep already by then) said “Your fault la. Who asked you to watch that movie?”

ROFLMAO la. Hahahaha I know it sounded so childish but I guess it’s kinda funny at some point :p

Last note: I don’t wanna adopt a child after watching this movie! Lol

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