From journals to books

OMG! It’s the last day of August already? o.O

Time sure flies fast! Gonna meet Mochi again in 21 days! 😀

Anyway, I bought a very very nice book (at least for me la) yesterday!!

It’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Do-It-Yourself Book”!!!!!

If you have no idea on who is Wimpy Kid, check this out!

So basically the Wimpy Kid series is a storybook about a boy whose mum told him to write a daily journal. So the entire book is basically his journal. I love this kind of book!! Like Anne Frank – The Diary of a Young Girl

I’ve been reading this twice (or more, I forgot) and not even have the slightest feeling of bored. Ok, basically I like books that’s written based on true-story, or even better, the real true-story itself! Like Anne Frank’s!

The Wimpy Kid series is just like that, just that….it’s fiction! Lol

I like how Jeff Kinney drew the illustration in the book! It’s so simple yet it’s cute and done with the right proportion and everything! What’s more, Mochi said that he’s actually a game designer! Cool!

So far Wimpy Kid series has 3 books out. More is coming out soon!

They actually have this special-cover-art-edition of the Do-It Yourself Book!!! Boo!! I want this!! It’s so cute!! T3T

Ah nvm la, mine is also cute 😀

Something funny: Mochi actually wanted to get me the Wimpy Kid book when he was away in Penang for AMD training. He saw it at Borders there but thinking of buying it for me when he went back to KL. But it wasn’t at the Top 10 shelf anymore once he’s back and he forgotten what the book title was…LOL

And he loves the simple illustration too! We have the same taste for drawings heheh 😀

Can’t wait to fill in my Wimpy Kid journal!! (ok, I actually have filled in 3 pages :p) Gonna show you some sneak peek of the inside later on 🙂

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