Dear Nike Warehouse Sale Surabaya’s core team,

Finally! After a week of sleepless nights, sore feet (where our feet would have come off easily, especially on Tuesday before the sale began), late meals (and I mean late as in lunch at 6pm and dinner at 1am), and tiredness, we did it! NWS Surabaya ran smoothly without any major problem. 3/4 of the items amount were successfully sold!

Although there was only 4 of us, we managed to take care of almost everything (I said almost cos we had our sub-EO helping us). Bravo!

Thank you for all of your cooperation and hardworking. It was a success!! Glad to be working with you guys as a team.

Have a good rest, and see you guys at the office soon! (I’m at the office right now). Don’t feel like going back to work? Remember that Raya holiday is coming very VERY soon! ^o^


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