I’m so tan omg!

Hellow! I’m back! Fatter (a little bit T_________________T) and tanned!! HAHAHAHA omg damn I gotta start doing some routine scrubbing and avoiding the sun in the mean time >.<

And I went to…ehm..ehm…Malaysia (AGAIN?!) to refresh my mind. Lol!
This time I did not only go to Kay Elle, but also to Tioman Island!!!!

On the other hand, I have lots of weddings to attend this coming months!
Let’s list them down:

Oct 3 : Vero’s brother (where I’ll help by being the receptionist at the venue)
Oct 10: Koh Bing’s (my biao ge from Muntilan – but the wedding will be in Jakarta tho)
Oct 31: Mia’s (my big boss! We – as in my colleagues and I – the girls, specifically- will be the receptionist at the venues)
Nov 21: Afong’s engagement! (ok la, not exactly a wedding, but it’s a big engagement party! LOL)
Dec : *bird news* A high school friend of mine

Is this a good year to get married or what? o.O

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