PS(P), Tao Kae Noi, and Maggie Simpson

Some random pictures from Sunday outing with Ms. Harnadi!

There was PSP 3 Slim and PSP Go launching at MKG 3!!

I’m always a fan of PS and PSP (although I have none of them. Donation, anyone? T____T), especially PSP la, cos I can bring it anywhere 😀

After the success of PS 3, Sony decided to slash down the manufacturing fee and came out with PSP 3 slim which is cheaper than PS 3. Just like when they came out with PS 2 slim I guess, no?

BUT, PS 3 slim is so disappointing. Well, at least for me and Muchi. The shape is omgsodamnugly!

It just looks so…cheapo! With the doff finishing and the half-pillow shape….Errr I dunno, it just looks plain ugly to me. Hahaha…

Compare with the normal hensem PS 3…

Seeeeee? Much much more hensem and sleek right right right? 😀

Anyway, they have this at the launching:


I LOVE THIS GAME! Eventhough I just ever played it once before (I love you, Mochi!), I fell in love straight away with it! With the uber cute characters that you can personalize!! :D:D:D

My favorite? The cute brown baby up there! XD

Hi cutie!

Sumore, you can actually get your hands on the ugly PS3 slim there (the game is no other than LBP, of course!). But I didn’t give it a try tho. Lol 😛

On the other hand, I WANT A PSP GO!! ^^

So hensem! And it’s kinda light also. A little bit pricey at IDR 3.6 mio tho. But I’m sure the price will go down soon *amen* 😛

But but…I can’t play pirated games with PSP Go. Hahahahahahaha :p

Guess I’ll get the normal PSP instead. I want this actually:

Pink!! :D:D

Or this:

Woooo~ Ruby red!

The Hannah Montana Limited Edition one is not that bad also (in terms of color) 😛

Nice shade of purple!!

Hufff gonna buy it sooner or later 😉

Next topic: Tao Kae Noi!

You guys know Tao Kae Noi?

No? Are you serious?!

Tao Kae Noi is one of the BEST SEAWEED SNACKS ever invented!!!!

Still no idea? Ok, click here! 😀

TKN is one of my fave snack to munch-munch-munch. My favorite flavor is Tom Yum Goong! Nom nom nom~

I seriously can’t stop munching on those until I got a sore throat…Hahaha

Yes, it is THAT good. Yummmm~

So, back to main point, I found this in Sogo Supermarket:

Eh I love the mascot la. Damn cute ^o^

Tao Kae Noi Big Sheet is normal already la. It is one of the product range.

But do you notice anything weird there?

Observe closely…

See the flavor?


See that. Izzit a failed product or something? I think it’s supposed to be “Taste from the sea” la. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Curious me flipped the box and read…

Lets’ compare. The one above is the “Tasty Sea”

This one…

…is the “Taste of the sea”

LOL okayyyyy, there’s nothing different. Eh wait! The producer’s name and address is totally different! o.O

How could that happened?? Izzit a fake product (I mean the Tasty Sea) or what? o.O

What’s more, there was only 1 box left of the Tasty Sea while there was a lot of the Taste of the sea…

Ah nevermind la.

Last picture!~

I bought the super cute Maggie Simpson tee!! *jumping with glee*

Mad love! p.s: Sorry for the not-so-good-quality pictures. I didn’t bring my camera that day, so I used my Berry with a lil bit of Photoshop magic (contrast and brightness settings only la). But stupid me reduced the brightness of my office PC monitor cos it’s not LCD and my eyes will be hurt if it’s too bright, and now I can’t brighten it back which resulted in I had to agak-agak whether the pictures are too bright or what, and I couldn’t see pictures in their original colors anymore cos they are all darkened wth -_______-“

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