Taxi oh taxi…

Following my ranting about the disappointing taxi last night, guess which taxi finally arrived to fetch me?

Yes, you’re right. The second one!

So where the hell did the first-taxi-which-is-supposed-to-fetch-me went to??!!

A few minutes before the taxi came, I sent in a complaint through the taxi company’s website. Heck, it was my first time ever to complaint such thing! Lol :p

When I get into the taxi, I told the driver that the supposedly-fetch-me taxi did not come and I had been waiting for half an hour. He told me to just send some complaints to the company. Hahahaha…

Anyway, I don’t care why the taxi didn’t come or what la. Just that I guess Blue Bird needs to emphasize more and more to the drivers that they have to be responsible with the jobs they were given to.

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