Long Live Double Tape!

Happy Birthday, Double Tape! My beloved orangey office is turning 3 today!

And no, no fancy celebration and all that jazz. Just a simple birthday dinner of a very yummy “Birthday Mee” 🙂


*Wahh next year’s birthday must be really special…20-10-2010 maaa :D*

Mia (our beloved Big Boss) said that this is actually the first time they celebrate DT’s birthday, because one, none of them (I mean the early members of DT) remember when was DT really established on. Two, October 20 (2006) was actually the date Mia signed the paper that formed the company (PT Cakrawala Media Baru). It took them quite some time to came up with “Double Tape” (they even came up with Koran Kita-Kita and OUCH! Magazine beforehand), and eventually, when they came up with it, none of them remembered the date. Lol

Anyway, it’s not that important lah. The most important thing is DT has grown from a very small company consisted of 3 people (or was it 7?) to 16 people at the moment. Moreover, the company has developed soooo much within these 3 years, and I can safely say all of us can be proud with it.

Yes, you may never heard of us (we are not one of the Top Agencies just yet, but wait and see! ), but as small as we may be, we are actually BIG! 🙂

Yes, you may not find our company’s signboard outside the building we are residing now, but once you walked up to the third floor, you’ll enter a homey place with lots of cheeriness, smiles, laughter, fun, and everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a company 😀

Happy Birthday, Double Tape! Keep on improving, always keep the joyfulness you’ve always had, and hopefully you will be residing in a new building (DT’s self-owned, of course ;)) on your fifth birthday 🙂

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