Bz bz bz bz bz bz…

I thought when the end of year is approaching, I’d (I mean…all of us at the office) be more relax, but I was tooootally wrong! I haven’t felt my weekends for the last couple of months *they just passed me by without me realizing it – ok, that’s a bit overrated, but it’s kinda true 😦 *, and with projectS coming ahead, most probably I won’t have my Christmas holiday. How sad can that be?

On the other note, my office is gonna have a new home! New DT-ers are coming in and there’s no more space for all of us, so we need to move out to a new home 🙂

At first, the moving out plan was for next year. But suddenly, it all changed, and we’re gonna move out in 2 weeks!! Yeap, 2 weeks from now! So fast!

Oh well, at least I’ll be able to feel the new office before I resign :p

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