And there she was, standing by the altar with her man

Today is the big day of one of my besties :))

I can’t believe she is married now! OMG!
I know this sounds cliche, but it really feels like yesterday when we knew each other at school. Became closer and closer with each other, and soon after with the another two 😀

I still remember those days where I used to sleep over at your house so often til it feels like my second home already. I even knew where did your maid move the plates to while you had no idea at all! LOL!

All of the snacking nights when I was there. Remember the oranges, bolu kukus, and the salted fish? LOL!

Remember the day when we were eating a packet of raw Indomie and your brother knocked at your bedroom door (it was locked cos we knew they would have been angry to see us eating such things! Hahahahaha), and we were panicking like crazy, thinking where to hide the Indomie, and finally we hid it under a folder? HAHAHAHAHAHA…damn funny la!

Then…when we were about to sleep and lights were already off, we chatted and laughed like mad til we heard your bro walked closer to your room and we pretended to be asleep?

Those days where I used to go to your house after the “after-school-math” session and forgotten the time and it was already dark out there? When we ran and hid from Pak Higinus cos we were way too lazy for the after-school-math session? ROFL!

But one of the funniest things we’ve been through together was when we first knew each other!! Hahahaha…it’s still very clear in my mind. We were young (eh, that doesn’t mean we are old, k? ;)) and our introduction session to each other was so damn funny. I shall remember it forever. LOL

Oh well, there are WAY TOO MANY things we’ve been through, together with Vina and Dania as well. I guess if I write all of them here, it will take several hours to do! :p

I won’t be long winded. Just wanna wish you a happy marriage life, and give us some cute babies to play with soon 😀

HAPPY WEDDING, MY DEAREST FRIEND, AFONG or APONK as how we often called u with! Hahahaha..

Ajin, do take a good care of her, kay?

Heh, can’t believe you are the first among us to get married. And I seriously still can’t imagine you being a housewife -_- Best of luck tho! 😉

Much Love,


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