Harrowwww….I am in Singapore now lah

Hi! Long time no see! I am now in Singapore, trying hard to find a job (and a room to rent ATM).
I’ve just arrived last Saturday. In the meantime, meaning while I’m still unemployed (I really hope this won’t last for long >.<), these are some of the things I've done in the past couple of days (and some random pics as well). And since I'm in Singapore, I shall write in Singlish. Hey, when you are in Rome you gotta act like the Romans right?

A result from shopping with Rani:

All because of Charles & Keith!!

Ok la, it’s rather funny and kinda stupid actually -_-
I was holding and looking at this high heels when it dropped and scratch me in the thigh.
Then i thought, ok la nvm.Normal only. The damage is only a little skin terkelupas lidat la.

So then we continue to gai-gai until our legs feel like broken d.
We even sat down for awhile at Orchard and I didn’t even realize anything! I went shopping at Fair Price at AMK Hub before I headed back to my cousin’s apartment (Oh yea, I’m staying at my cousin’s flat for now while I’m looking for a room to rent. Too bad all my friends who are in Singapore already have their place to stay and is still under contract T_T), and I also didn’t realize it!

It was when I took a bath after I came back then I felt some stinging pain on my left thigh. When I take a look.. o.O It was even more red and bruise than in the photo. Now the wound is dry d la.

And addition to my Kit Kat craze:

Royal Milk Tea flavor!!!! ^__________^
I bought it without any hesitation although my biao jie said “3 dollars for that?!!”
Hahahahahaha..I love Kit Kat ma, wat to do?

The taste ar…really nice! I dunno whether it’s because I simply like Kit Kat or it is really nice. Lol. Nevertheless, it’s unique la. Milk Tea chocolate leh.

Ladies and gentlemen, this…

…is one of the best Prawn Mee I’ve ever eaten.

Ok la, I dunno maybe in Newton Circus (for example) got a nicer one, but so far, I mean among those times I went to Singapore before, this is the best Prawn Mee I’ve ever tasted. The stall is at Food Republic Wisma Atria (I forgotten the name). It’s famous cos I saw the newspaper articles pasted on the stall. Hahaha…

Ok, no photos with Rani cos we forgotten for it T_T
Nemind nemind, still a lot of times to go shopping together ^^

2 days ago I went out to meet Juju, my beloved tuwins ^^

It’s so nice to see you again wor! ^.^

See see, the lights of heaven shines above us. We are two blessed girls *wide innocent grin*

Then in the evening I went to Clarke Quay to meet up with Monica, my friend from BLCC! ^^

She is here to study at Shatec~

We went for dinner at Tomo Izakaya. I like the interior design! and the whole ambience with the traditional Japanese music πŸ™‚

Everybody say Hi! to Monic! *I think I haven’t got any pics of her posted here before*

That is her with her Tenpura Udon (倩ぷらうどん) – S$12, and our California Maki (γ‚«γƒͺフォルニを巻き) – S$10.

My Yaki Onigiri Chazuke (η„ΌγŠγ«γŽγ‚ŠθŒΆζΌ¬γ‘) – S$7
Kinda unique leh. The onigiri is grilled, so the top part was a lil bit crunchy. Then the onigiri is soaked in clear soup. Yummm oishi nee~

That is meeeee…lol wth….

After dinner we went to Ion for some fro yo! Wheeeee~ ^.^

Yami Yogurt! I love how they have quite a variety of flavor for the yogurt. I straight away chose the Winter Melon (ε†¬η“œ) flavor! And it tastes niceeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€

My Winter Melon yogurt with Strawberry and Banana-Walnut Cereal!

We were too happy to be having fro yo that we forgot our main mission: Toilet! -___-
LOL from Clarke Quay to Ion to the time we were about to go our separate ways, we really forgotten about it although it was our main place to go at first…..

Next random pikchas:

And this is an Elmo set of necklace + earrings I got from Diva!! Limited edition wei. I had a hard time choosing between this and the Cookie Monster wan. Both are just so cute πŸ˜€

Biore Pore Pack with Strawberry Frappe Scent! o.O
Japanese are just…….lol I dunno…creative and weird at the same time I guess..hahaha…
Let’s see how it smells like after I’ve tried it out.

O yea, on the second day after I’ve landed in this lion city, I went to look for a phone SIM card, then I bought SingTel at first cos I was rushing to meet Rani (she had been waiting for me for an hour >.<) and Starhub didn't have stock in the store. I bought the hi! card, and they gave me a paperbag with this inside… Whoaaaa cute anot? ^o^

So cute lehhhhhhhh XD

Ok la, Imma end this entry with a view from my cousin’s apartment window

Nice hor nice hor

p.s: I know I dun sound Singlish enough here. Dun care la :p

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