Goodbye Cie Gina…

They were one of the happiest couple I’ve ever met.

She was the kind of woman who will makes you feel at ease when you were beside her.
Her soft-spoken voice, her tenderness, her smile.

They had been wanting an additional member in the family since the day they got married (most couples would’ve felt this way also, no?)

3 miscarriages happened.

Then the 4th came. I was really happy thinking that this time, it would’ve worked out and they will have a cute new member in the house soon enough.

a few days back, I read Esther jie jie’s Facebook status that says she and baby Sam (yes, they have named him Sam) were both in a critical condition.

I asked her why.

“There’s this rare virus attacking her red blood cells (rbc). Just pray that both the mom and baby will survive. Only God’s miracle will help them to survive now”

I couldn’t believed what I see….

I brought them into my prayer.

The next day, I was relieved to hear the news that she is getting better and her rbc counts is increasing.

But God has another plan. 2 mornings ago, around 9am when I was at a client’s office, Mum sent me the bad news:

“RIP Regina Widaja (the wife of Temmy), on 30 March 2010 at 02:52am at PGI Cikini Hospital”

I was stunned. I was in the state of disbelief. I re-read the sms over and over again to make sure I read it correctly.

Tears started rolling down my eyes. I tried my best to resist it since I am at client’s office.

It all happened so fast within (around) 2 weeks.

Why, Lord, why? They deserved great happiness. They had been wanting this baby for so long. And now when it’s only 2 months from labour, why did this happen?

But I realized that I could not asked that. God has surely planned all of these, and I am sure He has another great plan for Temmy kor2 and his family after this.

After a short conversation with Yohan on Facebook 2 days ago, I finally knew what actually happened to Gina jie2. Well, not exactly I guess, but more or less, yes. According to him, the main reason why all of these happened is still quite a mystery. Something related to blood. From what I’ve read on Esther jie2’s Facebook, Gina jie2’s blood is too thick it caused this.

They wanted to save baby Sam, but it was impossible since some parts of his body had been damaged due to the medication and radiation treatment received by Gina jie2 during her stay at the hospital.

Ah well, I am still not really clear about the real cause, but one thing for sure, I am still very sad now.

Today is the cremation day. I hope and pray that the big family will be able to stay strong during the whole thing, especially Temmy kor2. I feel really really sad for him. He lost both his lovely wife and baby at once :'((

My parents went to the …. and Mum said that Gina jie2’s picture is really pretty. Yes, she IS pretty.

Yohan said that according to Winy jie2, Gina jie2 left this world with a smile on her face. With that, I guess we can be assured that she indeed go to rest in peace…

RIP Cie Gina and Baby Sam. Now you are happy together up there and will be inseparable forever. Please look after Temmy kor2 from there. You are a great woman, one of the kindest I know. I’m sure God has reserved you and baby Sam good places up there in Heaven :’)

*Dedicated to Regina Widaja, Temmy Surjantana, and all of them who are left behind…

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