Easter 2010

I think I owed God a lot lot lot for this year’s Easter. I failed to go to church on both Easter Triduum and Easter Sunday itself!! >.<

Forgive me, God…
On a side note, The long weekend (Easter holiday!!!) was spent rather fruitful as friends came from Jakarta :))
On Wednesday night there were Andy, Linny, Jessica, Inky, and Novi (Inky’s colleague). They stayed till Sunday, and on Sunday afternoon, Dania and her parents came! 😀 😀
Will be occupied with accompanying one of my best girls this week (til Friday). She is here accompanying her parents for medical check up. And since Wednesday will be my last day of work, I’ll be able to accompany her til Friday :))
Oh, and my specialist diploma course has been postponed until next week. Yes, that’s right. I am taking a specialist diploma 🙂 Will tell you the major by next week :p *act mischievous
Til then, ciao!
Quote of the day: Sometimes, we know we can stay away from the pain, but we realize we lobe those people too much for us to to go away (Anonymous)

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